Need extra support? We’re here to help

Whether you're with us for energy, broadband or phone, there may be times you need a helping hand. If you're struggling to pay your bill or top up your meter, or need specialist services, we're here to help.

We’re committed to giving our customers extra support when they most need it, and this guide will help you explore the options available to you.

If you’re an energy customer with a prepayment meter, please visit our prepayment help pages. If you pay monthly energy bills, or are a phone or broadband customer, you can find the information you need in the sections below.

Let’s talk

It might be the last thing you feel like doing right now. But if you’re struggling to pay your bill, the most important step you can take is to get in touch with a friendly member of our energy or phone and broadband teams. We can find out more about your circumstances and spot the right ways to help.

We can find ways to help

Once we have more detail, we can talk through solutions. This could mean changing how you pay for a while, arranging payments from benefits, or referring you to specialist agencies for more support.

Our Helpfund

We know these are difficult times, so we’ve set up a Helpfund to alleviate financial hardship and energy debt for our customers who need it most. Read more about our customer support package.

Support with debt

Getting debt under control might feel impossible, but help is out there - you just need to take the first step. StepChange is a non-profit organisation that helps people manage debt. If you’re worried about what you owe, you can use their online tool to find out what it means for you and what sort of solutions can help.

Alternative formats

If you need to get bills or other information from us in alternative formats - such as Braille, large print or using different colours - we’ll help wherever we can. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Someone to act on your behalf

You can choose someone else to deal with your energy or broadband and phone account on your behalf. This could be a carer, a family member or a third party such as Citizens Advice. Here’s how to organise this.

More ways we can help

Learn more about extra support available to Shell Energy customers, either directly from us or with the specialist organisations we work with.

Government support measures

The Government launched the Energy Price Guarantee to help customers with bills. It limits what energy customers pay for each unit of energy. Read more about Government measures.  

Giving you priority

Our Priority Service Register for energy customers lets us know if you or someone in your household needs extra support. Learn more and register online. If you’re a phone and broadband customer, call 0330 094 5801 to be included in a similar scheme.

Energy-saving advice

When it comes to saving energy, even the smallest changes can add up to a bigger difference. We’ve compiled a room-by-room list of ideas that could help reduce energy waste, and recommend the Energy Saving Trust’s advice, too. 


We work closely with AgilityEco, which runs community home improvement schemes - helping people reduce bills, stay warm and find help that’s available locally.

Smart meters

Installed at no extra cost to you, a smart meter gives greater control over your home’s energy use by tracking it hour by hour. You can even request an accessible model with larger buttons, a brighter display and text-to-speech, if that would help you. Learn more and book an appointment.

Prepayment meters

If you’re finding monthly bills difficult to manage, ask us if switching to a prepayment meter would work for you. Need a little extra in a hurry? You can use ‘friendly credit’ to keep your supply going. Get more details.

Government support for energy customers

The Government offers a variety of schemes to support people on means-tested benefits with their energy bills. If that’s you, it’s worth finding out if you qualify for any of these.

Warm Home Discount

If you’re on a low income and claim certain means-tested benefits, you could qualify for £150 towards winter energy bills, credited directly to your energy account. Find out more.

Fuel Direct

People struggling with debt on essential services - including energy, water or rent - can choose to make payments directly from their benefits. Contact JobCentre Plus for more details, or the Pension Service if you’re a state pensioner.

Winter Fuel Payments

This is an automatic payment of between £100 and £300 made each November or December to help towards energy bills. If you think you might qualify but you haven’t received it, you can learn more and make a claim. The cut-off date is 31 March each year.

Cold Weather Payments

When the weather gets very cold, the Government automatically issues £25 payments to people on certain benefits, to help with energy bills. For this to happen, temperatures can’t go above zero degrees Celsius for seven days in a row. Check if a payment is due for your area.

More ways we can help phone and broadband customers

Find more information about how we support Shell Broadband customers with their service, connection, bills, and more in our customer vulnerability policy.

Sharing your situation

We can record any requirements for extra support. This could be a disability, a mental-health condition, or young children in your household. If this applies to you or someone you’re looking after, get in touch and share your details.

Low-cost broadband to keep you connected

Internet access is essential – especially during difficult times. That’s why we’re offering low-cost broadband to people who receive Universal Credit or certain other benefits. With no mid-contract price rises* and no cancellation fees, it’s easier to plan ahead. And cheaper to stay connected.

Learn more about Essentials Broadband.

Priority fault repair

If you or someone in your household relies on a landline or broadband for health or mobility reasons, you can register for our free Priority Fault Repair service. This lets us prioritise the people who need us most if they report a fault. Here’s how to apply.

Text relay and 999 BSL

If you’re speech-impaired, deaf or have impaired hearing, our text relay service can help you get the most from your phone line. It connects your textphone to any other telephone or textphone on the UK network, via a translator. British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact the emergency services (police, ambulance, fire or coastguard) using BSL 999. This free service is an extra way of contacting 999 - you can still use voice, text relay, or SMS. Learn more about 999 BSL or download the 999 BSL app.

Greater control of your phone line

Whether it’s expensive outgoing calls or unwanted ones coming in, we can help. You can set up blocks on your phone for a range of numbers, such as international, mobile or premium rate. All you need is your PIN code and these instructions. We can also help you deal with malicious or nuisance calls.

Need to know more?

If there’s something we haven’t covered here, or you want to learn more about how your energy or broadband bill works, you can explore further help and support for your household.

Useful contacts for energy and broadband customers:

For help with bills and debt

StepChange (or call 0800 138 1111)

Citizens Advice EnergyBroadband (or call 0808 223 1133)

National Debtline (or 0808 223 4188)

For energy-saving advice

Energy Saving Trust

For government help

JobCentre Plus

The Pension Service

* Your monthly charges may increase on or after 1 April in each year from 2024 by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation plus up to 3%. This will only affect the Package Price of your Essentials Service after the 12 month Minimum Period. However the price of any additional services you have chosen such as calls, optional call plans or Optional Features may increase in this way irrespective of whether or not you are within the 12 month Minimum Period.