Energy-saving tips with Lois

Energy-saving tips with Lois

06 February 2023

Meet Lois, who’s sharing her tips on the little things everyone can do to save energy at home.

“With the energy prices going up it is uncertain times isn't it? I think it's always a worry if you're your own bill payer. Hi, my name is Lois and I’m graphic designer at Shell Energy. A few things that I've learnt to save energy is to bleed your radiator ahead of winter, make sure you defrost your freezer regularly, make sure your smart meter is on and working and turn off appliances when you're not using them. That's a small way that you can make sure you are saving energy without sort of cutting back on things.”

Useful tips for saving energy

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Hopefully you’ve found Lois’s savvy energy-saving suggestions helpful. Here’s more about the steps you can take to help lower your bills and keep your home toasty in the winter months - you might be surprised by how simple they are.

Give your boiler the attention it deserves

Dial down your flow temperature

We’re all turning our thermostats down where we can, but did you know that one of the best energy-saving moves you can make is to turn down your boiler’s controls instead? If you have a condensing combi boiler, setting your boiler flow temperature to 60 degrees C, or lower, could save emissions, gas - and costs.

Look at your timings

If you’re usually out during the day, you can set your boiler timer to power on your heating and hot water for the times you really need it. Like early in the mornings and when you come home in the evening.

Keep maintenance in mind

To avoid unexpected repair bills and inconvenient breakdowns, it pays to service your boiler regularly. When it’s in tip-top shape, your boiler will be at its most energy efficient.

Check your radiators

If the heating is on but your radiators aren’t feeling that hot, they might need bleeding. Releasing any trapped air bubbles will get the water flowing throughout the entire radiator. If you’re not sure how, follow our step-by-step guide.

Defrost your freezer regularly

When your freezer gets backed up with ice, its motor needs to work harder to maintain the correct temperature. Establishing a defrosting routine to keep ice at bay could reduce the amount of electricity your freezer consumes. It’s also worth dusting the back of your freezer (and fridge), as a build-up of fluff makes it harder for the cooling element to release heat.

Get to know your smart meter

If you don’t already have one, it’s a great idea to get a smart meter with an IHD (in-home display). The IHD shows you how much energy you are using, almost instantly - so you can check which appliances use the most electricity. We’ll install one for you at no extra cost, and it’s quick and easy to book an appointment.

Quick wins for energy efficiency

A few more tricks to try, before turning up the heating

  • Look at where you’ve placed your furniture. If you have a sofa or armchair in front of a radiator, it will absorb the heat rather than letting it flow throughout the room
  • Draught excluders in front of doors are a cost-effective way to help stop heat escaping

  • Closing your curtains before dusk will keep more heat inside your home, too

  • Carpets and rugs also provide good insulation, by stopping cold air coming up from the floor

You can find some more inspiration for saving energy around the house with our room-by-room tips. Why not try a few, and see the difference they can make to your home’s energy efficiency.