Welcome Colorado Energy, Daligas, GOTO Energy, Green & Pure Planet customers

Welcome Colorado Energy, Daligas, GOTO Energy, Green & Pure Planet customers

By: Shell Energy

13 Jan 2022

Last updated 15:00 Thursday 13 January
  • In progress: setting up your Direct Debit, sending us a meter read
  • Coming soon: moving over your credit balance, your first bill
  • Done: creating your account, letting you know your tariff rates, welcome to Shell Energy, Ofgem SoLR appointment

Going forward, we’ll update the blog on Monday mornings, so your next update will be on Monday 24 January.

We’ve been listening closely to your feedback, and these are the topics most important to you right now.

Where can I find my credit balance?

If you have a credit balance, you’ll normally see this in your account summary and on your bill. If you can’t yet see your credit balance, it could mean we’re still working hard to move this across.

What if I can’t see my credit balance/my credit balance is wrong?

If you’ve been making payments to your old supplier, we’re working to transfer these over to your Shell Energy account. This credit should appear by the end of January. 

What if I’m no longer with my old supplier/Shell Energy – will I still get my credit balance?

We’ll honour all credit balances with your old supplier, even if you were in the process of switching suppliers when they went into administration. 

We’ll be sending out cheques as soon as we can, but we’re afraid this will take a little longer to process. You’ll receive your credit balance next month at the latest, so keep an eye on the post.

Why was my first bill so high?

It’s normal to find that your first bill after moving to a new supplier is a little higher than usual. This is because it's taken an extended period of time to set up your account after the move from your previous supplier. Going forward, you’ll be billed on a monthly cycle. This is normally four weeks’ worth of energy.

You may also find your tariff is higher than you used to pay with your previous supplier. Expensive wholesale prices mean that people across the UK – no matter what supplier they’re with – have seen their energy bills rise.

You’re on our Flexible 6 tariff, which is the cheapest we have available, given current wholesale costs. This tariff is protected by Ofgem’s price cap, regardless of how you pay. Right now, high wholesale prices mean we’re unable to offer fixed tariffs at competitive prices, but as soon as we can do so again, we’ll let you know.

For answers to any other questions you might have, visit our FAQs pages or My Account.

Should I get in touch with you?

Right now, there’s no need to contact us. During this busy time, we’d like to reserve our phone lines for those customers who need extra support or to register for additional services.

Please help us to prioritise these customers by finding the answers you need on our site. If you’ve still got questions, you can also, Email us or Chat to our virtual assistant, Ask Us, who can answer your queries 24/7.

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