Stay safe online this Christmas with our cyber security tips

Stay safe online this Christmas with our cyber security tips

By: Shell Energy

21 Nov 2023

Christmas is an exciting time, with some of us lucky enough to get to unwrap the latest gadgets and games.

It could be a smart upgrade for your home, or a new device from your wishlist. For many parents, it could even be a child’s first phone or laptop. But are you clued up on keeping your brand new tech secure?

Here are our top six cyber security tips to help you navigate your new connections safely this Christmas.

1. Educate new users

The online world is an exciting place, but it’s a good idea for everyone to be familiar with the potential risks it poses.

New users may not be aware of how to avoid criminal activity, opening phishing emails or downloading harmful software. Speak openly with your family about ways they can stay safe online, and regularly monitor your children’s activity to make sure they’re not accessing inappropriate content.

2. Keep smart devices secure

Smart speakers can make our lives easier in so many ways, but not when connected to your home security system.

Connecting a voice assistant to your smart door lock or CCTV camera introduces a potential weakness that hackers can take advantage of - so it’s best to leave the two separate.

3. Change default passwords

It’s something we often think we’ll ‘get around to’. But changing the default passwords on smart technology makes it more difficult for others to access.

We recommend choosing strong passwords – unique to each device – to keep your data and information safe. And change them regularly for added security.

4. Make regular updates

If your smart technology is controlled by an app, downloading regular updates will help it stay safe to use with new security features and fixes to previous versions.

To add another layer of protection, it’s also worth checking your app’s access rights to certain systems or data on your device. You can find more about how to do this on the website of your operating system.

5. Keep your Wi-Fi network secure

Consider checking that your Wi-Fi network is properly secured.

You can even change the default name of your home Wi-Fi network so that it’s easier to keep an eye on - but don’t add any personal information as it can be easily viewed by anyone passing by. And don’t forget to set a unique password.

6. Protect new devices

Although it may not sound as exciting as playing the latest video game, making sure you protect new devices as soon as possible is a great way to minimise security risks.

Malware such as viruses, spyware and ransomware can put a stop to your festive fun quickly – so it’s best to be prepared ahead of the big day.

Helping your family stay safe online this Christmas

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