Energy bills support with Maria

Energy bills support with Maria

06 February 2023

Watch Maria’s story to learn how Shell Energy is helping customers struggling with bills in challenging times - and how to get in touch if you need us.

“Struggling to pay is very common especially at this time. We’re not there to judge, we're just there to help. Hi, I’m Maria, I’m customer experience and digital manager within Shell Energy. Shell Energy offers several resources that we can help customers with. We have Shell Energy support fund which is to help our customers, but we can also advise on government discounts and rebates, support schemes and debt support schemes. It’s very easy to get a hold of us, so we have a lot of channels that we can support our customers with; we have chat, we have email, and you can always call us as well. ”

If you’re worried about paying your Shell Energy bill, get in touch

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We know these are challenging times for our customers. Whether you're with us for energy or broadband, there may be times you simply can’t find a way to pay your bill. What you can do, first of all, is talk to us – because there are things we can do to help.

Finding the right solutions for you

It might be the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but it’s important to reach out to us. We have a friendly team here, with people who are experienced in finding the best solutions for individual situations.

So once we know more about your circumstances, we can suggest ways to make things more manageable. That could take the form of a repayment plan, or a review of your direct debit plan to make sure the payment amounts are affordable.

Help from government schemes

We can also direct you towards government support options that are specific to your circumstances. All customers benefit from the Energy Price Guarantee and Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS). The Guarantee is in place to protect households from price increases until April 2024, while the EBSS is giving bill payers £400 towards electricity costs in monthly instalments until March 2023.

If you’re in need of specialist debt advice, we can put you in touch with organisations that can help. We’re here to support you every step of the way. So please, if you need help, don’t wait. Get in touch.