Earn exclusive solar credits in summer to reduce your electricity bill in winter

Our new electricity tariff for solar panel owners upgrading their PV system with a sonnenBatterie energy storage unit

We’re proud to have partnered with sonnen, a world leading manufacturer of battery storage and member of the Shell family. This partnership offers customers with solar panels a complete battery storage solution that helps to reduce their electricity bills.

If you have solar PV panels at home, or you’re planning to install them, using a home battery to store the clean electricity generated by your panels can help you to maximise the amount of renewable energy you use at home. 

To add to this, our new Solar Storage tariff can also help you reduce your electricity bills throughout the year, lower your household’s carbon footprint and contribute to driving the UK’s clean energy transition.

What is sonnenBatterie?

The sonnenBatterie is a German engineered, cutting edge and intelligent domestic battery storage system that can help you reduce your monthly electricity bills.

When you combine your solar panels with a sonnenBatterie, you can store the solar electricity that you don’t use during the day.

It’s then available to you in the evening or at night - so you’ll use less energy from the grid and save money on your electricity bill.

If you’re interested in bringing a sonnenBatterie into your home, visit the sonnen website to request a quote.

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Our Solar Storage tariff

Do you already have solar panels installed at home? Install a sonnenBatterie and switch to our pilot Solar Storage tariff to earn solar credits in the summer when your solar panels could be generating more solar energy than you are able to consume. This will save you money on your electricity bills in winter.

Think of it as virtually storing your energy - what you don’t use in the summer, you’ll get to use in the winter*.

Store solar energy during the day with a sonnenBatterie

Gain Solar Credits during the summer months for exporting excess electricity back into the grid

Use your solar credits to reduce your electricity bill by up to £150* in the winter

This is the first step for our new Solar Storage tariff, and we’ll be listening to our customers' experiences for designing future offers.

Switch to our Solar Storage tariff by calling 

☎ 03300 949 182

How does the Solar Storage tariff work?

  • Step 1: Install a sonnenBatterie to complement your solar PV system

  • Step 2: Switch to our Solar Storage tariff for sonnenBatterie owners

  • Step 3: Earn your solar credits* in the summer

  • Step 4: Get money off your electricity bill in the winter**

Switching to our Solar Storage tariff

If you have both a solar PV system and a sonnenBatterie, you can switch to a Solar Storage tariff today. Give us a call on:

☎ 03300 949 182

What you’ll need: Your Shell Energy account details if you're an existing customer, and proof of ownership of your Solar PV system and sonnenBatterie.

You’ll be eligible for solar credits if you:

  • Own a solar PV system and a sonnenBatterie
  • Use a smart, or credit meter (not a prepayment meter)
  • Pay your energy bills by monthly Direct Debit


    *With this tariff you are entitled to an electricity account credit (solar credits) of up to £150. This is based on deemed export of 1,000 kWh over the summer months of 2021 (June, July and August).

    **There is no cash alternative available. Customers will receive a maximum of three £50 Solar Credit Rewards which will be applied to your electricity account in the winter months (December ‘21, January and February ‘22)

    ^This date is subject to when your Solar Storage tariff with us commences.

    View the Tariff terms and conditions.