Sonnen Battery storage

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The energy supply of the future. Today.

We have teamed up with sonnen to offer you the very best battery storage solution to turn your house into a smart energy home.

sonnenBatterie - the start of your smart energy future

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent energy storage system that helps you to save money on your energy bills. Combining Solar PV system with a battery storage will allow you to use more of your solar energy by storing the surplus energy generated by your solar panels when you don’t use it, and then making it available at a later time.

Solar plus storage - How does it work?

With battery storage you can use solar energy during the daytime, in the evening, and at night.

Why Choose Sonnen battery?

  • Market leader with more than 40,000 battery systems installed worldwide
  • Complete all-in-one storage system with easy installation
  • Flexible, modular system design which can be sized to suit your energy needs
  • Smart control through the sonnen App and Portal
  • Market-leading 10-year warranty for added reassurance

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This scheme is currently only available to existing Shell Energy customers.

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