We make it easy to choose smart home technology

Control your heating, whenever you want, from wherever you are with the latest smart thermostat technology - powered by 100% renewable electricity.

Energy matters

No one wants to waste it. So we want to make it easier to upgrade your home to the latest smart technology, such as smart thermostats, offering you a convenient and efficient way to manage your home energy.

And smart homes go beyond helping you to control your energy. They offer convenience, comfort and even peace of mind. Worried that you might’ve left the heating on when you left the house this morning? Don’t rush home; check on the go and turn off your heating from anywhere.

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Smart meters

Smart meters give you greater control by letting you see exactly how much energy you’re using and how much it’s costing you. They’re the perfect complement to your smart home.

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Shell Energy broadband

Fast and reliable broadband is the force that keeps your smart home connected and running smoothly.