Impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus)

An update from the Shell Energy team as of 4th May

We’re continuing to follow government guidance on COVID-19 (coronavirus) as the situation develops. In this unprecedented time, it’s vital that we each do our part by staying at home and practicing social distancing. Almost all of our employees continue to work from home, providing support for our customers.

We’re committed to providing transparency and clarity during this time, and ensuring that your questions are always answered. We sat down with our CEO Colin Crooks, who addressed some of the questions we’ve received from customers in this video.

Worried about managing your bills?

We understand that during this time you may experience difficulty in managing the payments of your bills. We’re here to help and support you during this time. If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQs section for more information on your options.

If you have a prepayment meter that doesn’t have the ability to be topped up remotely, there are steps we advise you to take should you feel unwell or need to self-isolate. You can find out more on our dedicated prepay help section.

We’ve temporarily paused the installation of smart meters for the safety of our customers and our engineers. If you already have your appointment booked, we'll be in touch to rearrange your installation.

We’re here to support you. If you’ve been affected by COVID-19, and need to discuss your situation with us, here’s some information about how to get in touch.

Managing your account

You can manage your energy account as normal by logging in or using our app. You can also reach us via:

Managing your energy

At this time, saving energy at home and keeping energy bills low is more important than ever before. We’ve put together some quick and easy-to-follow energy saving tips that you can implement at home.

Vulnerable customers

If you believe you’re in need of extra support, then you can apply online to our Priority Services Register. This helps us identify our vulnerable customers, and you could be entitled to extra help because of your unique circumstances.

Need to contact us?

Energy customers

If you’d like to make a payment, submit readings or view your bill, you can do this on your online account.

Log in to your energy account

Broadband customers

If you’d like to view your bill or manage your account you can do this on your online account.

Log in to your broadband account

Online chat

The quickest way to speak to us during this time is to use online chat.

Open online chat

Our online chat is available:
Monday - Friday: 7am - 9pm
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Sunday: Closed

Social media

Send us a message or use the hashtag #AskShellEnergy on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


    You can email us at:


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    Lines are open:
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    Broadband customers


    Lines are open:
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    Useful information - energy customers

    Prepay energy customers

    Advice for our customers with Prepayment meters


    If you’re concerned about managing your payments during the next few weeks, you can talk to our dedicated team who can help.

    Find out more about managing your payments

    Useful information - broadband customers

    Your broadband is unlimited

    You don’t need to worry about usage caps or hidden charges during this time.

    Your broadband performance

    We’re working with our network partners to make sure your broadband performance is maintained at this time when there will be increased demand on the network.

    If you’re a First Broadband or Fast Broadband customer and feel that you need increased capacity, please give us a call on 0330 094 5801 and select option 2 for Broadband, then option 2 again. We can then discuss options to upgrade you to one of our Superfast Fibre products.

    Loss of service

    Our agents will ask you to perform a number of checks as part of the fault diagnostics. It’d be really helpful if you can do this prior to contacting us by visiting our help and advice pages, as this could resolve a number of issues.

    Video help is also available through the links provided below:

    Broadband troubleshooting

    Broadband speed troubleshooting

    Phone diagnostic checks

    Energy Saving Advice

    At this time, saving energy at home and keeping energy bills low is more important than ever before. We’ve put together a list of helpful resources, including advice from trusted partners to support you in managing your usage and bills, and a few quick and easy-to-follow energy saving tips you can implement at home.

    Save energy at home

    Some tips on small things to do to save energy in your home.


    Try to stick to 30°C when using your washing machine, and when you do, make sure it’s a full load.

    Whether it’s one cup of tea or ten, try to boil only the water you need in your kettle. Use a bowl when washing dishes in the sink to conserve water and energy, and save up to £25 a year. And when using your dishwasher, choose the eco setting and always try to make sure it’s full before hitting the on button.


    Tweak your radiator controls so you don’t heat rooms you aren’t using. Keeping the curtain or blinds and doors closed in rooms you aren’t using will all help keep the heat from escaping.

    Unwanted draughts could be responsible for making rooms around your home feel chillier than you'd like. Houses that are properly draught-proofed are more comfortable at lower temperatures - so you’d be able to turn down your thermostat and save even more on bills. If you’re comfortable carrying out simple DIY tasks, now’s your chance to draught-proof doors and windows around your home.


    You can save on energy and water bills if everyone in your household reduces their shower time by just one minute. An aerating shower head will help you save even more.

    Don’t leave the tap running while washing your hands, shaving or brushing your teeth, and make sure it is properly closed when you’re done. A dripping tap can waste well over 5,000 litres of water a year.

    Living Room

    Turn off as many lights and appliances as possible when you aren’t using them and try to avoid standby mode. It’s best not to leave portable electronics such as laptops or mobiles on charge unnecessarily, as this can waste energy too.

    Energy efficient bulbs are also a great way to curb your usage. If possible, we recommend replacing standard light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs which can help reduce your costs in the long term, as these bulbs last longer and require fewer replacements. For more tips on choosing the right bulb for you, you can visit our guide on energy-saving bulbs.


    Is the sun shining? Switch off the tumble dryer and dry your clothes the natural way on your balcony or in the garden.


    Did you know that turning down your thermostat by just 1°C could save up to 10% on your heating bills and around £80 a year? You can also save by programming your boiler and heating to only come on when you need it.

    Moving furniture a few inches away from your radiators helps heat better circulate around your home. Bleeding your radiators and releasing any air trapped inside of them will also ensure your heating is more energy efficient and help you save on bills. Here’s everything you need to know to do this yourself.

    Use your smart meter

    Your smart meter can help you monitor your heating and electricity usage as it provides you with live data. If you already have one installed in your home, follow our smart meter guidance to learn how it can help you be more savvy with your energy usage.

    More tips on energy saving in your home

    Check out the Shell Energy Blog for more helpful information on how to save energy in your home.

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    Helpful resources

    You can get advice and support on energy efficiency in your home from:

    Simple Energy Advice in England

    Home Energy Scotland in Scotland

    Nest home heat programme in Wales

    Energy regulator Ofgem has information available for consumers to help with managing your energy supply during this period.

    For practical advice about your gas or electricity supply, contact Citizens Advice consumer helpline.

    Visit the Energy Saving Trust website for more independent and impartial energy saving advice and ways to cut down consumption in your home.