Domestic terms and conditions

Business energy terms and conditions can be found here.

Electricity and gas services

Your contract consists of the application for supply you completed, the accompanying tariff guide, these "electricity and gas" terms and conditions and any document referred to in either document. We only supply the services to premises in Great Britain.

Meaning of words and phrases used in your contract

In your contract, when the following words are shown in bold they have the meanings shown below.

agentAny person appointed by you or us to read, provide and / or maintain metering equipment or as a meter operator, data collector, data aggregator, meter asset provider or meter asset manager.
appointment criteriaThe document available on our website and upon request listing the arrangements you will need to make to give us safe and uninterrupted access to your property to commence and complete scheduled work.
chargesOur charges for supplying energy including any green deal charges that may apply.
contractThe application for supply you completed, the accompanying tariff guide, these "electricity and gas" terms and conditions, any document referred to in either set of terms and conditions.
early exit feeThe fee that you agree to pay if your contract ends before the end of an applicable fixed term period.
energyThe gas or electricity (or both) being supplied under your contract (the “services”).
fixed term periodAs specified in the tariff guide as being the period of time for which the prices of the tariff are fixed and for which you must stay on the tariff you have signed up to if you want to avoid incurring an early exit fee.
gas transporterA company licensed as a gas transporter to deliver gas through pipes to the property.
Green Deal Arrangements AgreementThe Green Deal Arrangements Agreement dated 1st October 2012 (as amended and updated from time to time) which establishes a mechanism for the collection of green deal charges through electricity bills.
green deal charges
The charges for energy-efficiency measures installed at your premises that we must collect through energy bills in line with the Government scheme known as ‘green deal’.
green deal licenseeA licensed electricity supplier that has either: (i) been instructed under its supply licence to collect, or (ii) voluntarily agreed to collect, green deal charges as an agent and trustee on behalf of a green deal provider.
green deal providerAn accredited party registered as a green deal provider capable of offering a green deal plan.
meterThe meters and equipment for measuring and providing information on the gas and electricity you use.
network operatorThe company licensed as a network operator to deliver electricity through its electricity distribution network to the property and run this network for your area.
OFGEMThe Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, who regulate the gas and electricity markets in Great Britain.
premises or propertyThe address at which you have requested us to provide you with the agreed service(s).
security depositAn amount of money you must pay as a security charge for us to supply gas or electricity (or both) to you.
Shell Appthe Shell application for access to Shell Go+ which is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Shell Energy fuel savingthe percentage saving on Shell fuel available to customers in accordance with clause 24.
Shell Go+means the Shell rewards and benefits programme (for further information please visit
smart meterA meter we can use to measure how much gas or electricity (or both) you are using, without having to visit your home.
statement of renewal termsThe letter we will send you shortly before a fixed term period is due to end explaining that you need to consider your options.
summary of chargesThe document available on our website and upon request which sets out certain of our charges which are not for the supply of energy.
supplyProviding at the property a supply of gas or electricity (or both) that you use completely or mainly for domestic purposes (and supplying will be construed accordingly) and supplier means the company providing you with that supply.

supply start


The date we start to supply you with gas or electricity (or both) at the property.

tariffThe key terms relating to for the supply of gas or electricity (or both) you have agreed to buy from us as specified in the tariff guide.
tariff guideThe document which sets out certain of the principal terms of our contract together with terms and conditions specific to your tariff or any replacement tariff guide.
working dayAny day other than a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday in England and Wales.

Your contract is between Shell Energy Retail Limited (Company Number 05070887: Registered Office: Shell Energy House, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry, CV4 8HS) and you as a domestic customer for the supply of energy to your premises.

Most of the terms and conditions set out below apply to all customers but some of them are different where you are a customer who is subject to our deemed terms. Our deemed terms apply where we are the supplier of energy to a property registered to us but you have not entered into an express contract with us for example because you have just moved into or otherwise taken responsibility for a property. Those terms and conditions that only apply to our deemed customers are set out in clause 17.

1. Our Contract

1.1 You confirm that you are (or will be by the supply start date), the owner or occupier of the premises and are responsible for the energy account. You also confirm that it is connected to mains electricity and/or gas (or will be by the supply start date when we start to supply you).

1.2 We agree to supply you with electricity or gas (or both) for domestic purposes at your premises for the period of your contract between us provided that we are able to accept your contract and transfer your supply to us.

1.3 If you use your premises for business purposes you must tell us and we will offer you a different contract.

1.4 Our contract is based on the information provided by you, which you confirm is accurate. If this changes significantly you must let us know.

1.5 Our contract will start:

  1. when you accept it on the phone; or
  2. when you sign it; or
  3. when you send in an online application (either direct or through an agent).

2. Contract acceptance

2.1 Your contract will be accepted by us if you have provided us with the information we require to register you as a customer and on satisfaction of the provisions contained in clause 2.2 and 2.3.

2.2 You agree that we may carry out a credit check at our discretion and that as a condition of your contract we may request a security deposit or supply you through a prepayment meter.

2.3 When you enter into your contract you are entitled to a cooling-off period, which allows you to cancel your contract by informing us of your wish to cancel it within 14 calendar days from the day it was made.

2.4 You will be responsible for the payment of all charges from the supply start date which may (subject to the terms of your contract) be during your cooling off period.

2.5 If you cancel your contract in the cooling off period but after the supply start date, we will not charge you an early exit fee. We will provide you with details of the options then available to you. These may include entering into a new contract with us, your previous supplier or another supplier. We will continue to supply you on a deemed contract with the same principle terms as the cancelled contract (with the exception that there will be no early exit fee) for a period of up to 15 working days from the date we provide you with details of these options. If you do not take any action within that time period we will, thereafter, supply you on the terms of our Flexible tariff deemed terms. Details of our deemed terms can be found at clause 17.

2.6 If you have not entered into your contract with us in line with clause 2.1, and have moved into a property that we already supply, our deemed terms may apply

3. Supply start date

3.1 If we do not already supply the property, we will start to do this from the supply start date. Subject to clause 3.2 we will complete your transfer as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within five working days from when you enter into your contract and have provided sufficient information (and if applicable a security deposit) to us to enable us to complete your transfer.

3.2 If you enter into your contract after 5pm on a working day, or on a day that is not a working day, this five working day period will begin on the next working day after that day. If we have problems taking over your supply, your transfer may be terminated, take longer than the time period specified above, or we may be unable to supply you. Examples of why your transfer may be delayed or terminated include if:

  • you ask us to complete your transfer at a later date (for example you indicate that you want to delay your transfer until after your cooling off period); or
  • the transfer is not complete and you tell us that you do not wish the transfer to take place; or
  • we have asked you to confirm that the supply may start within the cooling off period, but you have failed to do so (in which case we will complete your transfer after the end of the cooling off period instead); or
  • your old supplier objects to us taking over your supply; or
  • any governmental or regulatory body or authority (e.g. OFGEM) prevents us from supplying your gas or electricity; or
  • you do something that prevents us from taking over the supply; or
  • we cannot supply your gas or electricity for some other reason outside our reasonable control.

3.3 It is important to provide us with an actual meter reading on the day that we start to supply you. This will start your account off with the correct meter reading and it will also be used by your old supplier to produce your final bill. Please provide your opening meter read using the “meter reading” link on our website, or by contacting us by phone or email.

4. Payment and Billing

4.1 The charges will be as specified in the offer accepted by you plus any green deal charges unless amended in accordance with clause 11 or clause 2.5. The charges will consist of two elements a standing charge which is a fixed amount and a unit rate which is a variable amount and reflects how much energy you have used. You can find out about our charges on our website or by calling us, as well as information on tariffs, maintenance charges and any non-energy products that may be offered as part of your tariff.

4.2 You will receive a bill or statement of account via email every three months or more frequently if we notify you otherwise. Where your electricity meter allows for remote access to your meter readings and such access has been enabled, you may ask us to make available to you monthly bills based on your actual consumption. You may choose to receive your bills in paper or electronic form (including accessing your bills online). If you choose to receive your bills in electronic form, a discount of the amount specified in your tariff guide may be deducted, depending on your tariff. However, you must provide us with a valid email address upon registration which you have ongoing access to for the duration of your contract with us. If you do not provide us with a valid email address or if you choose to receive your bill in paper format then your paperless billing discount will be removed. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email address remains valid throughout your contract. If we are unable to communicate with you using the email address you have provided we reserve the right to move you to our paper billing option and you will lose your paperless billing discount. A further discount is available on some tariffs if you agree to only use our online resources to carry out certain account functions. Details of these requirements are set out in the relevant tariff guide.

4.3 Payment must be made by Direct Debit unless we agree to a different payment method. If we agree that payment will not be by Direct Debit, you may have to pay an administration charge as specified in your tariff guide, unless you are on a prepayment tariff.

4.4 If we do not receive all or part of the amount that you owe us then, unless this was due to our fault we may charge you interest at Bank of England base rate plus 8% from the invoice due date to the date of payment. We shall also be entitled to pass on to you any third party charges incurred in collecting the debt such as those of a debt collection agency.

4.5 If there is an undisputed amount owing to you under your contract you may ask us to use that credit, in whole or in part to discharge a debt balance existing on any other contract you have with us for the supply of gas or electricity.

4.6 If we become aware of or have reason to believe that you may have difficulty paying, we will offer you information on how you are able to reduce your energy consumption by using energy more efficiently. We will offer you the ability to pay for your energy by deduction from social security benefits, by regular instalments having regard to your ability to pay or where it is reasonably safe and practicable to do so, by prepayment meter. We will take these steps before seeking to recover any amount outstanding from you. Any action we take (including the cost of doing so) to recover an outstanding amount from you will be proportionate to the amount we are seeking to recover.

4.7 Clauses 4.5 and 4.6 shall survive the termination of our licence to supply gas and electricity.

4.8 You may dispute an invoice at any time. If you pay by Direct Debit, you do not agree with our invoice and you tell us at least 5 working days prior to when payment is due, we will not process your Direct Debit. If only part of the invoice is disputed you must pay the part that is not in dispute. Once your dispute is resolved you must pay any money outstanding.

4.9 If you have, or expect to have, a problem in paying us, please let us know as soon as possible and we will provide help and advice. A copy of our policy “Paying Your Bill – Help for Domestic Customers” is available on our website or you can call Customer Services who will be happy to help.

4.10 We reserve the right to charge you a fair and reasonable proportion of any sales tax, duty or levy (such as VAT) imposed upon us as your supplier (except for taxes on our own income or profits) and to change our prices to reflect any changes in them.

4.11 If you are not supplied through a smart or prepayment meter or we have difficulty accessing your smart meter reads, you are required to submit your meter readings. These will be incorporated into the next available bill.

4.12 We will not bill you or otherwise make a payment request for charges which we have not previously requested payment for and that could reasonably be considered to be more than 12 months old. This will not apply if you have been obstructive or unreasonable in preventing us from obtaining the information required for us to have billed you correctly during that time.

5. Moving Home

You can end your contract for gas or electricity (or both) as follows.

5.1 If you are moving house you must tell us at least 2 working days before the day you move. If you do this your contract will end on the date that you move out. If you do not do this, your contract will continue until 2 working days after you advise us you are no longer responsible for the energy account at the property or when we are notified of another owner or occupier taking over the property or becoming responsible for the energy account. If you have a green deal you will be responsible for all green deal charges due until the day you move out.

5.2 If you do not have a smart or prepayment meter, you must also give us a final meter reading on the day that you move out. This will be used to calculate your final bill.

5.3 For details around moving home during a fixed term period please see 8.2 below.

6. Changing supplier

6.1 Your contract will end (unless clause 6.2 applies) after we have received notice from your new supplier of your change of supplier and that new supplier has registered you as its customer and has started supplying you. You may also end your contract by requesting that the supply is disconnected, in which case your contract will end when the supply is disconnected. You will still have to pay us any charges you haven’t paid prior to your contract ending.

6.2 Subject to clause 6.3, if you wish to change supplier and you owe us money, we may stop you changing supplier, in which case we will write and tell you that we are doing so. This may delay the transfer until the debt is paid.

6.3 If you have a prepayment meter and you owe us money you may change supplier provided the debt is £500 or less and your new supplier accepts the transfer of the debt

6.4 If you are moving to another supplier or if your supply with us otherwise terminates we will take all reasonable steps to provide you with your final bill within six weeks of your departure. Should we subsequently need to amend that final bill, we will send you a revised final bill as soon as reasonably practicable.

6.5 Clause 6.4 shall survive the termination of our licence to supply gas and electricity.

7. Our rights under your contract

7.1 If you have materially breached any of the terms of your contract or do not pay any money due to us and you have:

  1. failed to keep to an agreed repayment plan; or
  2. refused to pay a deposit when requested; or
  3. refused to enter into a repayment plan with us and we are unable to fit a prepayment meter because it is not considered safe or reasonably practical to do so; or
  4. refused to use the Fuel Direct Scheme when you are eligible; or
  5. interfered with your meter or, it is proven that you have stolen energy,

then, after fully considering the information known to us about your circumstances, we may terminate your contract and/or disconnect the supply (in line with our policy “Paying Your Bill – Help for Domestic Customers” which is available on our website). If we intend to do this, we will give you at least 7 days’ notice prior to doing so.

7.2 We may supply you with multiple services. Termination or disconnection only affects the service(s) in which you are in breach of your contract however we may change the tariff which you are on for remaining service(s).

7.3 If your tariff is an 'online only' tariff we may move you on to our cheapest variable tariff if you do not comply with the online account management requirements as specified in your tariff guide.

8. Contracts with a fixed term period

8.1 If your contract with us has a fixed term period and you terminate your contract before this period has expired, you may have to pay an early exit fee. We won’t extend the duration of any period of time for which you must stay on the tariff you have signed up to without your agreement.

8.2 If you terminate your contract during a fixed term period because you are moving home you may be required to pay an early exit fee. We will agree to waive early exit fees in certain circumstances however this must be agreed between you and us prior to your home move and in all cases would require you to register your new property with us within an agreed period of time.

8.3 If your contract has a fixed term period or your variable price tariff is ending we will send you a statement of renewal terms before the fixed term period of your contract or the variable price tariff is due to end which will include information about your new prices and any non-energy product that may be included as part of your tariff, as well as options to switch to a different tariff or a new supplier.

8.4 If you have a contract with a fixed term period and you choose a new tariff with a fixed-term period no more than 49 days before your existing fixed term period has expired you will be subject to the terms of the existing tariff until the new tariff comes into effect

9. Metering Equipment and Agents

9.1 Under normal circumstances we will provide any equipment necessary to provide our service(s) and appoint suitable agent(s). All equipment will remain the property of us or our agents. On delivery or installation, you are responsible for keeping any equipment safe and in good order. You must not modify it in any way.

9.2 As our customer, you have the right to provide your own equipment and/or appoint your own agent(s). If you wish to do this, you must give us at least 20 days’ notice and the arrangements must be acceptable to us and agreed to in writing. In addition, you are then responsible to us for any loss we incur as a result of those arrangements.

9.3 If you ask us to check your meter for accuracy, we will arrange to have the meter tested. If the meter is found to be working correctly within acceptable industry limits you must pay for the test. If the meter is found to be inaccurate we will pay for the test and the cost of replacing or repairing the equipment. In this case we will also recalculate your bills and make any adjustment we reasonably consider appropriate to reflect any meter inaccuracy discovered.

10. Access

10.1 You agree to give us, our agents, the gas transporter and the network operator (whichever applies) safe access to your property and the meter in the following circumstances:

  1. At all reasonable times for any reason that relates to your gas or electricity supply or the meter in order to enforce our rights and carry out our obligations under your contract; and
  2. At all reasonable times after your contract ends to collect equipment that belongs to us; and
  3. At any time in an emergency.

10.2 You must provide unobstructed access to the meter for meter reading and maintenance or removal. If we need to relocate the meter for any reason, we may charge you for the related costs unless you are eligible for this work to be done free of charge.

11. Changes to your Contract

11.1 Subject to clause 11.2, 11.3, 11.4 and the terms specified in the tariff guide, we can change the terms of your contract and our prices.

11.2 If you want to change the terms of your contract and we agree to the change we will confirm the arrangements to you in writing within 5 working days from the changes taking effect or as soon as reasonably practical thereafter.

11.3 If your contract has a fixed term period we may not change the terms and conditions of your contract prior to the end of the fixed term period unless: the change is not to your disadvantage, the information you have given us is incomplete or incorrect, we have to install a prepayment meter, or there is an increase in VAT payable.

11.4 If your contract has a variable price tariff and we raise your prices or make a change to your contract that puts you at a disadvantage, then unless clause 11.6 applies, we will let you know in writing within a reasonable time prior to the change taking effect. The price rise or change will not affect you as long as:

  1. you tell us that you want to end your contract (subject to clause 6.1) on or before the day on which the price rise or change takes effect;
  2. you arrange to switch to a different tariff no later than 20 working days after (but not including) the date on which the changes take effect;
  3. you arrange for another supplier to supply your gas or electricity (or both) and we receive notice of this from your new supplier no later than 20 working days after (but not including) the date on which the changes take effect that your supply will be transferred to your new supplier within a reasonable period of time; and
  4. we do not prevent the transfer under clause 6.2.

11.5 If we intend to prevent the transfer because you owe us money, we will write and tell you. If the debt is repaid within 30 working days of you receiving this letter, we will allow the transfer to go ahead and the price rise or change will not apply to you.

11.6 If the changes to your contract are required or necessary because of changes to the industry agreements under which we operate or changes imposed by any governmental or regulatory body or authority (e.g. OFGEM), the changes will come into effect on the day of notification.

12. Security Deposits

12.1 We may, at any time, ask you to pay us a Security Deposit. You must pay this by the date we specify. We will give you a reasonable time to pay us.

12.2 The Security Deposit will be returned to you at the end of six (6) months if you do not miss any payments when they are due.

12.3 If you miss any payments while the Security Deposit is being held by us, we may, at our discretion, use this to offset debt and request a further deposit.

13. Prepayment Meters

13.1 You have the option of paying for your energy through a prepayment meter combined with a prepayment tariff if you wish to do so.

13.2 Where we ask you to pay through a prepayment meter this will normally be because:

  1. you already have a prepayment meter; or
  2. we have reached an agreement with you for you to repay any outstanding debt by means of a prepayment meter; or
  3. we can avoid disconnecting your electricity and gas (or both) by installing a prepayment meter.

13.3 In the case that a prepayment meter is being fitted to help you repay a debt we will write to you and inform you of:

  1. the amount of debt to be repaid;
  2. how this total debt is split between gas and electricity debt; and
  3. an estimate of the dates on which both the gas debt and electricity debt will be repaid if the repayment agreement is adhered to.

13.4 In all cases, a prepayment meter will only be fitted if it is safe and reasonably practical for us to do so.

13.5 If you are on a prepayment tariff, we may require you to pay reasonable costs resulting from:

  1. the replacement of a payment card or
  2. exchanging a prepayment meter for a credit meter (if we agree to do so) or
  3. the need to repair or replace your meter as a result of damage or interference or
  4. visiting your premises when you have told us that your meter or payment card is faulty and we cannot find a fault and our agent adds credit to the meter and/or
  5. obtaining a warrant of entry to fit the prepayment meter (should we be forced to do this).

13.6 Any repayments will be agreed between us based on your ability to pay and can be varied at your request (if we agree), or by us in line with your ability to pay. We will give you prior notice if we need to do this. Full details of our services for prepayment customers can be found on our website in the “Help and Advice” section.

14. Other Charges

14.1 In addition to our standard charges for supplying you we may also charge you for other reasonable costs. These include:

  1. costs to visit your property to disconnect or reconnect your supply 
  2. costs to repair a damaged meter
  3. costs in recovering money you owe us. This may include administration costs and the costs of visiting your property or obtaining a warrant of entry
  4. the value of any energy used which has not been charged for by us as a result of interference with a meter
  5. where you fail to keep an agreed appointment with us or our agents without giving us forty eight (48) hours’ notice 
  6. where you fail to meet our appointment criteria and as a result we have been prevented from commencing or completing scheduled work at the property 
  7. if you fail to respond to our attempts to contact you and we have to visit your property
  8. administration costs arising from payment failures, such as returned cheques or cancelled Direct Debits 
  9. if you have a smart meter contract and the premises are unsuitable for the necessary equipment, there may be additional meter reading charges and/or 
  10. if you ask us to upgrade your supply arrangements or if we are required to do so.
  11. any other costs reasonably incurred as detailed in our summary of charges document available on our website and upon request.

15. National Terms of Connection

15.1 If we supply you with electricity under your contract, you are also entering into a standard connection agreement for your electricity with your local electricity network operator. There is no similar agreement for gas.

15.2 We are acting on behalf of your network operator to make an agreement with you. The agreement is that you and your network operator both accept the National Terms of Connection (NTC) and agree to keep to its conditions. This will happen from the time that you enter into your contract and it affects your legal rights. The NTC is a legal agreement. It sets out rights and duties in relation to the connection at which your network operator delivers electricity to, or accepts electricity from, your home or business. If you want a copy of the NTC or have any questions about it, please write to:

Energy Networks Association
6th Floor
Dean Bradley House
52 Horseferry Road

Phone: 0207 706 5137

16. Safety and Emergencies

16.1 In certain circumstances your supply may be interrupted. For example:

  1. to avoid danger to persons or property or
  2. if it is unlawful to continue your supply or
  3. if maintenance to the local distribution system(s) is required.

16.2 We are not responsible for any losses incurred should we need to suspend your supply in an emergency or for safety reasons.

16.3 If you believe that your meter or any other metering equipment may be damaged, you must let us know at once.

16.4 If there is a major emergency affecting a network operator or a gas transporter and the government gives a direction under the Fuel Security Code we may recover from you a reasonable proportion of the additional costs suffered by us as a result of the direction.

17. Deemed terms

17.1 These terms apply where we are the supplier of energy to a property registered to us but you do not have an express contract with us.

17.2 You agree that although you do not have an express contract with us because you are receiving the supply of energy at the property you shall pay us the charges either in accordance with our Flexible tariff which are available on request from customer services on 0330 094 5800 or, in the event that you have cancelled your contract within the cooling off period, in accordance with the tariff as described in clause 2.5. You will be liable to pay the charges for all energy supplied by us at the property until the date on which your contract ends and your obligation to pay the charges will continue after your contract has ended.

17.3 In the event of a change of tenancy you must tell us the date you began to take supply at the property and the electricity and/or gas meter reading(s) at that time. If this information is not made available then we reserve the right to consider that:

  1. The start date of supply to you is the day after the termination date for the outgoing customer.
  2. The opening meter reading(s) for you is the same as the final meter reading(s) for the outgoing customer.

17.4 Your contract will end on the date that you stop owning or occupying the property if you have notified us at least two working days before the date on which you stop owning or occupying the property, If you have stopped owning or occupying the property without telling us, your contract will end on the earlier of:

  1. the end of the second working day after you have notified us that you have stopped owning or occupying the property; or
  2. the date on which any other person begins to own or occupy the Premises and takes a supply of electricity at those premises.

17.5 Your contract will end on the date that we cease to supply gas or electricity to you or you enter into a contract with another supplier or an express contract with us.

17.6 If your supply was transferred to us at the direction of any governmental or regulatory body or authority (e.g. OFGEM) we will honour any credit balance existing on your account at the time of the transfer, provided that we had agreed to do so prior to that direction being made.

18. Green deal

If you sign up to a green deal for your property, or move into a property that has a green deal, you are responsible for payment of the green deal charges due for that property from that date. We will bill and collect green deal charges through your usual method of payment and pay them to your green deal provider in accordance with the Green Deal Arrangements Agreement.

19. Liability

19.1 We accept full legal responsibility if we or our agents kill or injure somebody (or cause somebody to be killed or injured) because we or they have been negligent or if we or they act fraudulently.

19.2 Subject to clauses 19.1 and 19.3, in the case of the supply of electricity or gas, if you suffer any loss or damage, (including damage to your property as a result of defective digital content which we have supplied to you in connection with your contract that damages a device or digital content belonging to you) our liability to you will be limited to £100,000 for each event that causes you loss. If there are a number of connected events that cause you loss, our responsibility will be limited to £100,000 in total for these events.

19.3 Subject to clause 19.1, we will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for:

  1. any financial loss or damage, for example loss of profit, income, business, contract or goodwill or
  2. any loss which, when we made this contract with you, we could not reasonably have expected would happen even if we, our employees, subcontractors or agents did not follow the requirements of these terms and conditions or
  3. failure to provide electricity or gas or a service we have agreed due to anything beyond our reasonable control.

19.4 Subject to clause 19.1, in the case of electricity and gas supply if the gas transporter or network operator causes you any loss or damage, we will only be legally responsible to you for the amount we are entitled to recover from the gas transporter or network operator (or both) on your behalf.

19.5 Nothing in these terms and conditions shall impose any liability on us in respect of non-performance of any of our services where the performance claimed is outside the terms of your contract or where such non-performance is directly due to your acts, omissions, negligence or default.

19.6 Each individual sub clause in this clause 19 applies separately. If a court or other authority tells us we cannot rely on a certain sub clause, the other sub clauses will still apply.

19.7 This clause shall survive the termination of your contract.

20. How we may use your personal data

20.1 We will only use your personal data as set out in our privacy policy.

21. How to make a complaint

21.1 You may, at any time, seek advice from Citizens Advice Consumer Services on 03454 040506 or at for free, independent and impartial advice so that you “Know your rights” as an energy consumer. This may include information on getting a better deal, advice about the quality of your electricity or gas supply, or asking for help if you're struggling to pay your bills.

21.2 If you do wish to make a complaint we have a formal, detailed, complaints handling procedure. A copy of our policy “Complaints Handling” is available on our website or from our Customer Services Team.

21.3 To make a complaint please contact our Customer Services Team in the first instance.

In addition to the above, the European Commission has established a web-based platform to allow consumers and traders to submit a contractual dispute arising from buying goods or services online. Access to the portal is available through the following link:

21.4 Our Customer Services Team will do their best to resolve your complaint, but if you feel your complaint has not been handled to your satisfaction, you may then ask to speak to our Customer Contact Specialist Team.

21.5 If you remain unhappy with our resolution of your complaint, or if your complaint has not been resolved within 8 weeks of the date you told us about it, you may refer the matter to the Ombudsman Services: Communication or Ombudsman Services: Energy on 0330 440 1624 or at They are free and independent, and we are bound by their decision.

21.6 In the case of Gas and Electricity supply we provide a range of services for customers who are registered with us as vulnerable. In particular we will not disconnect supply in winter (1 October to 31 March) where anyone living in the property is vulnerable. For further information, please see our policy “Helping Our Vulnerable Customers” which is available on our website or you can contact Customer Services.

22. Digital content

22.1 We may make available/supply certain digital content to you in connection with your contract (such as our App) and we will continue to make available/supply the same to you until your contract expires or is terminated in accordance with these terms and conditions. We will notify you of any installation/download instructions which you must follow.

22.2 We are not responsible for any delays outside of our control. If any digital content we supply to you in connection with your contract is delayed by an event outside of our control, then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know (including updates via our website and App) and will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay.

22.3 We may update or require you to update any digital content we make available/supply to you in connection with your contract provided that the digital content shall always match the description of it that we provided to you when you entered into your contract.

22.4 If defective digital content which we have supplied to you in connection with your contract damages a device or digital content belonging to you we will either repair the damage or pay you compensation

23. Other important information

23.1 These terms and conditions together with your tariff plan the “all services” terms and conditions and any document referred to in them are the entire agreement between you and us and supersede all prior agreements between you and us. However, this does not affect your right to rely on any pre contract statements we make or information we provide to you in relation to your contract.

23.2 You cannot transfer any of your rights or obligations under your contract to another person without our prior written permission.

23.3 We can assign, grant security or declare a trust over, or transfer by novation or otherwise, all or any of our rights (including the right to recover unpaid charges) or interests and liabilities under your contract and/or sub-contract any of our obligations under your contract, in each case without your prior consent.

23.4 The terms and conditions of your contract remain in force at all times. If we have not enforced a particular clause that does not mean that we will not take action in the future.

23.5 Communications with you may be recorded for training and quality control purposes. This includes telephone calls and emails.

23.6 You agree to receive communications by email and also agree that these methods are to be considered legally enforceable communications in writing.

23.7 Written notice sent by First Class post, by hand or by email will be considered delivered one (1) day after it was sent. This will not apply to email if the sender has received a message by return saying that the email has not been delivered.

23.8 We must end your contract immediately if:

  1. we no longer have the relevant licences to supply your property or
  2. any governmental or regulatory body or authority (e.g. OFGEM) tells another supplier to supply your gas or electricity.

23.9 We operate our business under the obligations placed on us by the Utilities Act 2000 and other industry or government regulations. If these change we may alter these terms to reflect any new obligations and/or costs placed upon us. If this happens we will tell you in writing.

23.10 If a court or other governmental or regulatory authority tells us a part of your contract is not valid, the rest of your contract will not be affected.

23.11 We make every effort to ensure the security of your communications. You are, however, advised that for reasons beyond our control, there is a risk that your communications may be unlawfully intercepted or accessed by those other than the intended recipient. For example, your communications may pass over third party networks over which we have no control and if you are connected to an analogue network, there is no protection for your communications over the air interface. If you are connected to the digital network, your communications over the air interface with our systems are encrypted providing a greater level of protection, but even this cannot be guaranteed.

23.12 The laws of England and Wales or Scotland apply to your contract, depending on where your property is.

23.13 Unless expressly provided in your contract, no express term of your contract is enforceable pursuant to Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise by any person who is not party to it.

24. Shell Go+

24.1 As a Shell Energy customer, you may be eligible for our exclusive rewards, including the Shell Energy fuel saving, available via Shell Go+.

24.2 You will not automatically join Shell Go+ when you become a customer. To benefit from Shell Go+ rewards, you must sign up to the Shell App. Alternatively, please visit and request a membership card.

24.3 If you join Shell Go+ and have passed the supply start date then you will be eligible for the standard Shell Go+ rewards plus an exclusive Shell Energy fuel saving of 3% off the cost of Shell fuel up to a maximum of 60L per property per calendar month or such other Shell Energy fuel saving as specified within your tariff guide.

24.4 Your Shell Energy fuel saving can only be redeemed at participating UK Shell petrol stations against the 4 main types of Shell fuel (V Power and main grade petrol and diesel) and LPG. Unless otherwise stated it may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon or offer.

24.5 Your Shell Energy fuel saving allowance will be refreshed on the 1st of each calendar month. If you do not use your Shell Energy fuel saving in any given month then it will be lost and cannot be rolled over and used in another month.

24.6 Only one Shell Energy fuel saving is available per property per calendar month, even if you are both an energy and broadband customer.

24.7 Subject to clause 24.8, the Shell Energy fuel saving may only be redeemed by the account holder or such other person nominated by the account holder through the Shell Go+ registration process.

24.8 If, as a household, you are both an energy and a broadband customer but the accounts are held in different names, then the energy account holder will, unless otherwise agreed between the account holders, have priority when applying for the Shell Energy fuel saving.

24.9 You must provide an active valid email address to register with and benefit from Shell Go+.

24.10 Shell Go+ rewards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other Shell Energy or Shell Go+ account. Shell Energy and Shell Go+ take no responsibility if access to the Shell App or membership card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.

24.11 If you leave Shell Energy, then you will no longer be entitled to receive the Shell Energy fuel saving. However you can still continue to benefit from the wider Shell Go+ rewards programme.

24.12 Should you fail to pay any amount owed to us in accordance with the terms of your contract, or are on a debt recovery path, we reserve the right to withdraw your Shell Energy fuel saving. You will be considered to be on a debt recovery path for the purposes of this clause if:

  1. your outstanding charges are over 90 days overdue and the balance of the debt is greater than £100; and
  2. you have received a “Notice of Intention to Default' from us or one of our debt collection agencies.

24.13 For further information about Shell Go+ and the associated rewards programme including full terms and conditions and privacy policy, please visit:

24.14 Please see our privacy policy for further information on how we share your personal data with Shell Go+.

Updated: July 2022