Come home to Cosy: Your free smart thermostat

Did you know that your central heating consumes around 60% of your household energy? Don’t compromise on comfort; take control of your home heating the easy way with the Cosy smart home thermostat, free with our new iControl Fixed September 2018 tariff.

What is a smart thermostat?

Smart Thermostats help you manage how much energy you use. With Cosy you can control your heating via a smartphone, tablet or desktop, so you’re always in control of your home heating no matter where you are. The in-home Cosy display unit is also portable, so you can monitor the temperature of the room you're in and instantly adjust it.

If you’re running late or your plans change, Cosy allows you to turn off the heating remotely so you don’t waste any energy.

How does Cosy work?

Cosy works in conjunction with your existing heating controls, so there’s no need to take anything away and you can override it at any time. It’s designed to fit flexibly with your lifestyle, allowing you to set temperature schedules to fit in with your daily and weekly routines.

How do I get Cosy?

Your free Cosy is available exclusively with our iControl Fixed September 2018 tariff.