100% renewable electricity, 100% of the time

Cleaner energy is more important than ever. That’s why all our electricity is 100% renewable, as standard.

Our Tariffs

It’s an unprecedented time in the energy market right now, and wholesale costs have dramatically increased over the past few months.

That's why we've made the decision to temporarily remove our fixed tariffs, as we can't give you a fair price that offers great value at this moment in time. You can read more about this on our dedicated energy market updates page.

We understand that this is a worrying time but we want to reassure you that your energy supply is safe with us.

Our customer service teams are getting lots of calls at the moment and we have a responsibility to prioritise calls from vulnerable customers. We assure you we're doing our best to reduce waiting times, so please only call if you really need us.

You can help us keep our phone lines open by doing what you can online through My Account.

Existing customers

Don't worry, there's no need to contact us right now. If you're on a fixed tariff that’s coming up for renewal, you'll be moved to a flexible tariff (also known as a standard variable tariff or SVT) at the end of your contract period.

You'll have the opportunity to switch to a fixed tariff when one becomes available via My Account.

Existing customers

Flexible tariff customers

If you're currently on a flexible tariff, you’ll stay on a flexible tariff and be protected from further price rises until April 2022 by Ofgem's Price Cap.

The simplest and easiest way to view your current tariff details is online through My Account. Simply log in with your account details.

If you do need some support, you can:

Flexible tariff customers

New customers

We plan to go back to offering great fixed tariffs as soon as we can. Register your interest to be the first to hear about these.

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New customers

We’re here to stay for the long term

Shell Energy is a well backed business, with experienced leadership and a strategy that plans for the long term with the necessary provisions to ride this wave, so our customers and colleagues can rest assured.

"Shell Energy has backing from Shell, and therefore here to stay as a long term and enduring UK energy provider. We are actively participating in the UK's transition to net-zero emissions and guiding British households to a better energy future."

Tony Keeling, Chief Executive Officer at Shell Energy

We’re here to stay for the long term

Simple Switching

  1. Step 1

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    Get a quote

    It only takes a couple of minutes

  2. Step 2

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    Make the switch

    It’s simple and we do the legwork

  3. Step 3

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    Stay in control

    Get tools to help you manage your energy

  4. Step 4

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    Reap the rewards

    Enjoy saving on fuel and great offers with Shell Go+


Switching is easy and hassle-free. We do all the work for you and will keep you updated every step of the way. Plus you’re protected by the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Learn more about switching

Smart Export Guarantee

Do you have your own solar panels? Get paid for the electricity you generate at home with the Smart Export Guarantee. We’ll buy any spare energy that comes from your solar panels, and put it back into the grid. Because we believe preventing energy waste should be rewarded.

Find out about the Smart Export Guarantee
Smart Export Guarantee

How to bleed your radiators

In our guide, we provide you with critical tips on how to bleed your radiators. You can save on your energy bills as your radiators can be more energy efficient.

Find out how to bleed your radiators
How to bleed your radiators

5 ways to save energy at home

There are many ways to save energy, ranging from turning your heating down to curbing your water usage. In our energy saving guide, we provide you with crucial tips which can help to lower your bills.

Our energy saving guide

*Average annual bill based on a national average usage of 2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas.

**If you are a Shell Energy customer on the Commencement Date and you subsequently terminate your Energy Contract with us, then any discount in relation to the Charges that you were entitled to as an energy customer may cease to apply. Customers who take their Energy Contract from Shell Energy may get the energy discount shown above unless they take a product as part of a promotional offer in which case they will get the lower of the promotional offer or the discounted energy price.