100% renewable electricity as standard

Where does your electricity come from?

Renewable electricity matters

Energy matters – it powers our lives every day. And where it comes from matters too.

Cleaner energy is important for our world today and for the generations that will inherit it from us.

That’s why all our electricity is 100% renewable, as standard, whichever tariff you choose.

What is 100% renewable electricity?

All of our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources like wind, solar and biomass.

Our renewable electricity is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin(REGOs), which means that all of the electricity you buy from us is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.

And as the demand for REGOs grows, this creates more opportunities for renewable generators in the UK.

Switch to our Go Further tariffs

You can upgrade your home energy to be carbon neutral. Our Go Further tariffs help you do your bit for the world we share together, and are available now. 

Want to find out how carbon neutral works? Visit our Go Further page to learn more.

Our renewable mix, from the ground up

By now you’re probably already aware that all our electricity is 100% renewable, as standard, whichever tariff you choose. But where does that renewable electricity come from?

Read about our fuel mix here

Why does renewable electricity matter?

Energy systems are changing. This is happening at different rates and with varying complexity around the world. This change is driven by growing energy demand and an urgent need to curb CO2 emissions.

As electricity is the fastest growing part of the energy system, one way to do this is by changing the mix of electricity generation. By encouraging more generation from renewable sources we make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

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