Make your home energy carbon neutral

There’s never been a better time to think about the world we share together. It’s time to go further.

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What is our Go Further tariff?

We're going the extra mile to make your home energy carbon neutral.

At Shell Energy, our tariffs already come with 100% renewable electricity*. This means that it comes from renewable sources such as wind or solar farms. However, there are still some carbon dioxide emissions associated with the production of this energy.

When you sign up to a Go Further tariff, we’ll offset the lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions associated with the production and distribution of your home energy.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

When you choose a Go Further tariff, we’ll offset the carbon dioxide emissions from every part of your home energy that we provide, from its production right through to the emissions produced when you use it. That includes your gas and your renewable electricity.

The end result? You can put your feet up knowing that your home energy that we provide is carbon neutral.

It’s a simple step in helping us move towards a better energy future.

Shell Energy is committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint

Energy is essential for powering and heating our homes. That’s why we're helping you to be as efficient as possible by providing smart meters and smart technology. We're also exploring alternatives to natural gas, such as heat pumps, for household heating.

But for now, most homes have little alternative to using natural gas. But nature can play a role in helping to curb the carbon dioxide emissions from the full lifecycle of this gas.

Protecting natural ecosystems

One approach to reducing emissions is to protect and restore natural ecosystems that can absorb carbon dioxide. 

For customers, Shell will buy carbon credits to offset the lifecycle emissions of both gas and electricity. One credit represents the avoidance or removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Shell purchases these credits from independently verified nature-based projects.

Our carbon offset projects


Busting the jargon of carbon neutral and renewable energy

Carbon neutral is just one of many areas of renewable energy that's becoming more common in everyday conversation. But with so many terms being used, it can be difficult to keep up with the lingo. We’re here to help.

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Our Go Further Tariffs

Our Go Further tariffs makes your home energy carbon neutral

NEW Carbon neutral electricity and gas

  • 100% renewable electricity

  • Carbon credits for electricity and gas

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Make your home energy carbon neutral

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Our renewable electricity is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), which means that all of the electricity you buy from us is matched with the equivalent number of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.