Lower-carbon energy solutions

At Shell Energy, we can help you to deliver on your energy efficiency and sustainability targets through access to Shell’s lower-carbon solutions.

A range of energy solutions for your business

Many different solutions are needed for a successful transition to a lower-carbon world. Shell Energy can tailor solutions that aim to avoid, reduce or compensate for the emissions of your business.

Energy reduction and efficiency

Shell’s on-site energy solutions team can help your business to improve efficiencies and reduce consumption through fully integrated and funded projects that cover all aspects of asset design, construction, operation and maintenance. Solutions include: energy efficiency and management systems, on-site gas and renewable generation including solar, battery storage, microgrids and low carbon heat.

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Corporate PPAs enable you to contribute to the development of new renewable assets. Limejump, part of the Shell group, aims to deliver 100% renewable energy through the direct real-time connectivity between renewable energy sources, storage flexibility such as batteries and demand response. As a result, our customers can now match their energy supply to specific generation assets.

Voluntary carbon credits

Investing in voluntary carbon credits will contribute to the development of nature-based projects around the world. Shell’s nature-based solutions include projects which protect, transform or restore natural ecosystems so that nature can absorb more CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Where it isn’t possible to avoid emissions, they can be reduced through carbon capture and storage, or CCS - a combination of technologies that capture and store carbon dioxide deep underground, preventing its release into the atmosphere. In the UK, Shell is part of a number of CCS projects.

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A healthy forest where carbon capture works best.

Fleet solutions

Shell’s fleet and mobility solutions can support your business’ energy transition through alternative fuels, international road tolling, digital payments and provision of an international network of retail sites, where drivers can refuel and recharge electric vehicles.

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Business' electric vehicle fleet being charged.

Electric vehicle charging

We can deliver affordable, accessible and convenient EV charging solutions through Shell’s NewMotion, one of Europe's largest electric-vehicle charging providers, and Ubitricity, a leading European provider of on-street charging for electric vehicles (EVs).

Carbon fuels and lubricant solutions

Shell’s smarter lubricant solutions can help drive equipment performance and reliability whatever your industry and however specialised your equipment. Discover how using the right lubricant can bring you substantial savings by helping to maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.


Shell works across the biomethane value chain from producer to end-user to help you achieve complete decarbonisation without the need for additional capital investment. We have a biomethane strategy which can work for your business, from supplying certificates only, to gas with transport and corresponding certificates.


Hydrogen can be used to power a number of different types of transportation. It can be stored and transported at high energy density in liquid or gaseous form, and it can be used as a fuel for power or in transport, and in industry as feedstock. The high energy density of hydrogen makes it particularly suitable for trucks, trains and potentially ships, which carry heavy goods over long distances.

Energy supply

We offer 100% renewable electricity¹ and natural gas, as well as competitive rates for green gas to help you achieve your business' sustainability goals. Backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, with Shell Energy, you can choose where and how your electricity is generated. 

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A better energy future for your business

Shell Energy is a credible and trusted energy partner, here to support your sustainability plans and ambitions.

Avoid Emissions icon

Avoid Emissions

For example, by using renewable energy to power your EV vehicles and buildings.
Reduce Emissions icon

Reduce Emissions

For example, by using lower emission fuels or increasing your fuel efficiency.
Compensate Emissions icon

Compensate Emissions

For example, by contributing to carbon-reduction projects around the globe.

1Our renewable energy is backed by UK-certified renewable certificates of origin, which means that all of the electricity and any green gas you buy from us is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources.

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