Our pass-through energy contracts allow you to fix your electricity commodity price and choose which non-commodity costs like distribution and transmission charges are passed to you.

Great for non-commodity cost transparency

Designed to suit medium to large business customers, pass-through offers the chance to avoid market fluctuations by choosing the non-commodity prices you want to be passed to you.

Available for half hourly electricity customers spending more than £50k a year on energy.

Great for cost transparency - larger businesses**

  • Fix your commodity price***

  • Choice of non-commodity pass-through options

  • Avoid non-commodity risk premium costs

  • Flexible payment and billing options

  • Bespoke renewable options

  • 100% renewable electricity¹

Our Pass-through contracts allow you to fix your electricity price and choose which charges like distribution and transmission costs are passed to you. What’s more, you can access bespoke renewable options and choose your payment terms.

**For businesses spending more than £50k a year on energy.

***You’ll receive a fixed price for the term of your contract unless there are changes that impact the contract terms or that are beyond our control, in which event we may vary your prices or pass costs onto you. These may include:

* you not adhering to the contract terms;

* you providing inaccurate information to us;

* changes in industry arrangements, regulation or law, metering, or supply;

* any change in the structure or calculation of third party charges.

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    How your business will benefit

    Potential cost savings

    Choose the non-commodity prices you want to pass-through to avoid risk premiums.

    Bespoke renewable options

    Get a choice of energy source, generation technology and carbon offset options for your business electricity.

    Security guaranteed

    Increase your supply chain resilience with guaranteed commodity prices, safe from energy market price rises.

    Renewals made easy

    Align contract end dates at all your sites and explore your product and pricing options when your term is up.

    Flexible payment and billing options

    Choose from 14-, 21- or 30-day payments by Direct Debit or BACs, card payment by phone and payment by cheque, as well as individual or group billing options.

    100% renewable electricity¹

    Trace your electricity back to the source, to give your employees, customers and shareholders the peace of mind that your energy is sustainable.

    Energy supply contract options to suit your business

    Why not discover our other energy supply contract options? When you partner with us, you can also access additional cleaner energy solutions from the Shell Group of companies.

    Fixed contract

    Our fixed price energy contracts make it easy to plan your longer-term energy budget and are suitable for companies of all sizes.

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    Flexible purchasing

    Our flex energy products are designed to give you direct market access and price risk management. Purchase your commodity in monthly, quarterly or seasonal blocks, direct from the wholesale market.

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    Lower-carbon energy solutions

    Working with the wider Shell group of companies, we can offer a range of energy solutions, from onsite local energy assets to providing easy-to-use electric vehicle charging solutions at business locations. We can help businesses that generate renewable electricity to optimise grid scale battery and flexible generation assets.

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    Frequently asked questions

    1Our renewable energy is backed by UK-certified renewable certificates of origin, which means that all of the electricity and any green gas you buy from us is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources.

    See our FAQs for more info.