Your guide to the Shell Energy app

Your guide to the Shell Energy app

19 August 2022

It’s never been so important to keep an eye on your energy account. That’s where the Shell Energy app comes in, giving you fingertip control of your payments, tariff and energy use. Here’s everything the app takes care of - wherever you are and at any time.

It’s free to download and use

Search for ‘Shell Energy’ in your phone’s app store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, enter your My Account username and password to log in.

Send us your meter readings, fuss free

Regular meter readings are the best way to make sure you’re paying for the exact amount of energy used. Once you’re set up on the app, sending those readings takes just a few taps - no calls required. And if you realise you’ve made a mistake (we’ve all been there), you can delete and re-submit them within 24 hours.

Make – or change – your payments

You’ll find everything you need to stay on top of your account in the app, from your account balance to your next payment date. You can make one-off payments, or change your Direct Debit date and amounts. You can even track previous payments by downloading any bill from the past 12 months.

Upgrade to smart energy

If you don’t already have a smart meter, downloading our app is a great first step - you can use it to arrange an installation. And once you're up and running, the app will show you how much you’re spending – daily, weekly, and monthly – making it easier to budget.

Manage your account

You can change your marketing preferences, and switch to e-billing. The app also shows you what tariff you’re on, with a countdown to the date it’ll expire. If alternative tariffs are available, you can switch in a few taps.

Get in touch

The app lets you manage most parts of your account. But if you need more help, or have a question the articles in our Help centre can’t answer, you can chat to an advisor on the app, or get the conversation started with an email.

Download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android phones.