Year-round benefits of solar panels with battery storage and our Solar Storage tariff

Year-round benefits of solar panels with battery storage and our Solar Storage tariff

By: Alexandra Dunsford-White

15 Jul 2020

If you have solar PV panels at home, or you’re planning to install them, using a home battery to store the clean electricity generated by your panels can help you to maximise the amount of renewable energy you use at home. To add to this, our new Solar Storage tariff can also help you reduce your electricity bills throughout the year, lower your household’s carbon footprint and contribute to driving the UK’s clean energy transition.

It’s no secret that households with solar PV panels tend to generate more electricity than they’re able to consume, especially in the sunny summer months of the year. This is where a home battery storage system comes in as a shining star solution. A domestic battery gives you the opportunity to store the electricity generated by your solar panels and use it when the sun’s gone down. Now with our new Solar Storage tariff, you’ll earn solar credits from the excess electricity you give to the grid during summer to help decrease your bills in winter.

Why choose solar panels?

Sunlight is the most readily available natural resource on the planet, so solar power has unlimited potential to create clean energy. When the sun sets for the day, it’s guaranteed to rise again tomorrow, and when it does, your PV panels are ready and waiting for those rays.

Solar panels are one of the most suitable and common ways for homeowners to generate their own green electricity. Not only are panels an attractive and modern rooftop feature, they also allow you to power your home with your own renewable electricity, generated directly from the roof of your house.

Homes in the UK typically have 4-6KW solar PV systems, which is approximately 12-24 individual panels. The size and number of panels very much depend on the size of your roof and how much electricity your household needs over the year. It’s best to have a qualified PV installer measure your roof and advise on the appropriate size for your home.

Solar panels generate electricity during the daytime, so you can use it for your domestic appliances. When your panels generate more than you can use, the rest of this electricity is fed into the grid, and you’ll typically receive a Smart Export Guarantee payment for what you feed in.

Maximise the benefits of solar panels with battery storage

Solar panels and a battery storage system are a powerful combination. They work together to ensure your home is almost always powered by the clean, green electricity you’ve generated at home, whether the sun’s out or not.

A typical home in the UK can use about 30% of the electricity their solar panel system produces. This is partly due to the fact that most of the electricity is produced during the day when a households’ occupants are out at work, and partly because solar panels produce a lot more electricity in summer than they do in winter.

With a battery, your home can consume 50-80% of the electricity your solar panels produce. It will store the electricity you cannot use during the day, and make sure it’s available to you at a later time - in the evening - so you’ll need less energy from the grid and save more money in the long run. Maximising your use of the energy generated from your panels not only makes your household more self-sufficient in terms of your energy supply, it also protects you from energy price increases.

What is sonnenBatterie?

We’re thrilled to have partnered with sonnen, a world leading manufacturer of battery storage and part of the Shell family. Our partnership offers Shell Energy customers with solar panels a complete battery storage solution that helps to reduce their electricity bills.

sonnenBatterie is a German engineered, cutting edge domestic battery storage system. The intelligent sonnenBatterie prides itself on safety and reliability - an all-rounder as a battery storage solution for your home. sonnen uses exclusively lithium iron phosphate batteries – the safest lithium battery technology available today - and each sonnenBatterie comes with a full 10-year warranty so you can rest assured that it’ll supply your home with clean energy for many years to come.

A sonnenBatterie can be installed almost anywhere in your home - common locations include utility rooms, hallways, cloakrooms, offices, kitchens and garages as you’ll need some space to house the battery unit. The sleek, modern design of the battery - which can range in size from that of an average boiler to the size of a large fridge - makes it a stylish addition to any home. The cost of installation can vary, depending on the battery capacity and complexity of installation, but a sonnen approved installer will be able to provide you with a personalised quote based on your specific home solar PV system and your home energy usage. Find out how to integrate a world class sonnenBatterie into your home by visiting the sonnen website to request a quote.

Switch to our new Solar Storage tariff

We’re offering an exclusive Solar Storage tariff to our Shell Energy customers with home solar PV panels and a sonnenBatterie. When you combine your PV and sonnenBatterie with our new tariff, you’ll collect solar credits in summer to lower your energy bills by up to £150* in winter.

Your sonnenBatterie will store the excess solar electricity from your PV panels. But as you’re still likely to produce more electricity than you can store during sunny summer days, you’ll also be feeding your excess electricity back to the grid.

As a reward, we will credit you with an equivalent of 1,000kWh of the electricity you feed into the grid during the months of June, July and August. You’ll see these solar credits on your winter energy bills in December, January and February* and be able to take full advantage of the lower energy costs.

Becoming a prosumer (which means you both consume and produce electricity) and being less reliant on the grid for your energy supply offers multiple benefits not only for you, but also for the environment. This powerful PV, sonneBatterie and our Solar Storage Tariff solution will ensure you’re decreasing your bills all-year-round, as well as contributing to driving the UK’s clean energy transition and helping to stabilise the grid network.

What if you don't have solar panels installed?

To benefit from our Solar Storage tariff, you’ll need to have both solar panels and a sonnenBatterie installed. sonnen approved installers can help by discussing your system requirements and providing you with a quote either for a battery, or for both a solar PV system and a battery. Get in touch with sonnen here.