What to do if you’re having issues with your boiler

What to do if you’re having issues with your boiler

By: Shell Energy

05 Feb 2023

Winter is certainly one of the worst times to experience problems with your boiler. As the colder weather hits, the demand on your boiler is likely to increase. If it's been problematic in the past, it's likely you may experience problems again once the temperatures drop. And even more so if you have an older, less efficient boiler.

The steps below are a guide on what do if you’ve got concerns about your boiler- or want to safeguard yourself against unexpected, costly boiler repairs.

Book a repair

Our partnership with HomeServe gives you easy access to experienced engineers in your area. These engineers are available to fix a range of plumbing, gas, boiler and electrical issues and they can also help with boiler replacements too.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Your boiler is making unusual noises
  • Your boiler is leaking

These are some of the most common signs that something's not right with your boiler, which means it's time to get an expert to review the situation.

If you're not covered by home insurance or boiler cover, one-off callouts can be an unexpected. Yet they're essential, as a simple repair now could save you a bigger problem (and bill) in the future.

That's why we’ve teamed up with HomeServe to give you peace of mind with protection for your boiler and central heating - including a free boiler service in your first year.

Plus, to help you look after your boiler, here are our top boiler maintenance tips for homeowners.

Get a replacement boiler

If there's no heating or hot water in your house or your boiler has stopped working altogether, it could be time to get a new boiler.

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, you might want to consider replacing it if you’re having issues with it on a regular basis. Replacing it could prevent inevitable issues arising that could damage your central heating system.

Our boiler replacement service, in partnership with HomeServe, is a hassle-free and flexible way to select the best solution for your home and enjoy a manufacturer-backed warranty.

The benefits of boiler cover

If you experience a problem with your boiler and need a repair, boiler breakdown cover can help you get everything back up and running (as long as a Boiler Health Check is completed and passed).

Get boiler cover from £8 per month, with a free boiler service in the first year, or get a free quote on a new boiler*.

*Terms and Conditions apply.