Welcome Green customers

Welcome Green customers

By: Shell Energy

26 Nov 2021

Last updated 13:00 Friday 26 November
  • Up next: creating your account
  • Coming soon: setting up your Direct Debit, moving over your credit balance (if applicable), loading your last meter readings, your first bill
  • Done: your tariff rates, welcome to Shell Energy, Ofgem SoLR appointment

    We’ve been working with Green to get your details, so that we can set up your account and move over any credit you may have to Shell Energy. We expect to receive the information we need by the end of November. But as we’re welcoming more than half a million new customers, we’re activating accounts in phases.

    It’s taken slightly longer than we hoped, but we’re looking forward to fully welcoming you on board as a Shell Energy customer. The good news is, your account should be fully activated by mid-December.

    We’re aware that you may now have received a final bill from Green. If you have any queries about this, please get in touch with Green using the contact details on your bill.

    We’ll have your credit balance soon

    If you had a credit balance with Green, we’ll move this over to your account as soon as we receive it. Rest assured, your credit balance is safe and protected by regulation.

    What do I need to do?

    Here’s what you can do to help the process run smoothly:

    Send us a meter read

    We’ll be in touch to let you know exactly when, but this should be on or around Sunday 5 December

    Set aside a month’s Direct Debit amount

    We’re aiming to send you your first bill in mid-December. As it’s been a while since you’ve had a bill, you may be paying for around 10 weeks’ worth of energy. We strongly recommend setting aside this month’s Direct Debit amount to make sure you can cover your first payment.

    Set up a new Direct Debit

    When you receive your account login details, you can set up a Direct Debit with us. If you can’t yet do that, you can always stay on top of your outgoings by making an interim payment. 

    To do this, call our automated phone line on 0330 094 5800. Lines are open 24 hours.

    Should I get in touch with you?

    Right now, there’s no need to contact us. During this busy time, we’d like to reserve our phone lines for those customers who need extra support or to register for additional services.

    Please help us to prioritise these customers by finding the answers you need on our site. If you’ve still got questions, you can:

    We’ve been recognised by our customers for our exceptional customer service