Tips for trips: how to make a long drive go smoothly

Tips for trips: how to make a long drive go smoothly

By: Ryan Jay

24 Nov 2019

At Shell Energy, we offer exclusive savings on fuel at Shell service stations. That’s pretty handy for those planning a long journey across the country. But while we make it easier to keep your tank filled or battery charged before you set off, there's plenty more you can prepare to help get from A to B without a hitch.

Stay hydrated

You might find that you’ll drive long periods without coming across a service station, so make sure you bring plenty of water and refreshments with you. Be sure to pack a reusable coffee cup, and for an easy way to avoid single-use plastic on your journey, you can refill a reusable water bottle at many Shell service stations.

Keep a good posture

While cars, by and large, are designed for comfort, it’s still common for drivers to suffer from aches and pains. This is most prevalent in the shoulders, back and neck when driving for long periods of time. That’s why it’s important to maintain a good posture.

You can find a guide on best posture practices on the RAC’s website, but here are a few quick tips from us:

  • Adjust your seat so it conforms to the natural arch of your back
  • Adjust your headrest so that your neck is in a neutral position. You want to keep it relaxed if you’re going to be sitting for a long period
  • Make sure you easily steer without compromising your view of the dashboard
  • If you’re using a SatNav, position it in a way that's visible, doesn’t block your view of the road, and allows you to maintain a neutral spine when viewing it

Freshen up

If you’re spending a few hours on the road, it’s good to keep things fresh. Without a punchy air freshener you risk lingering odours. That makes a drive much more of a chore than it needs to be.

The most conventional air fresheners are those that hang from the rearview mirror. Most drivers will be familiar with a certain tree-shaped brand that are a dime a dozen in car showrooms. But there are other ways of keeping stuffiness at bay. Some sprays will keep odours at bay from upholstery, while you can also pick up air purifiers that plug straight into your car’s power output.

Check the weather

Icy weather or a heavy downpour shouldn't be taken lightly on the road. So check your route for any weather warnings that the Met Office has issued. It might be worth avoiding treacherous roads.

And remember, you don’t only need to be extra careful during the winter months. Heat waves can make driving uncomfortable and even dangerous if you’re not keeping cool. So take plenty of water with you and, if your car has air conditioning, make sure your car has enough juice to cope with the extra demand.

Are you not entertained?

Let’s face it, more often than not long drives are boring. But luckily we live in an age of free content in the form of podcasts. Not on the podcast bandwagon yet? You ought to be. Podcasts are perfect for those prolonged periods spent behind the wheel.

Given the huge rise in podcast popularity, there’s now an absurd number of categories and shows to choose from. Be sure to download a few episodes that tickle your fancy while on the Wi-Fi at home before you head out. This will save your mobile data, as you won’t have to stream on the go.

Staying in charge

If you’re among the many in the UK driving an electric vehicle, it goes without saying that you should plan your charge points ahead of time. A fully charged battery is one less headache to worry about after all. With Shell Energy’s home charger offer, and a growing fleet of EV charge points across the UK, we make it easy to keep you moving on your long journey.

You can check out our network of Shell Recharge Stations to find the nearest charge points for your journey here.

Save as you go

Want another travel tip that’s only for Shell Energy customers? We offer exclusive savings on fuel at Shell service stations. Personalised offers and other surprises are up for grabs, and they're only available with the Shell Go+ rewards programme. And that's not all. We offset the carbon emissions from your fuel purchases, so you can drive carbon neutral. Learn more about Shell Go+.

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