The benefits of a smart meter with Maaz

The benefits of a smart meter with Maaz

06 February 2023

Meet Maaz, and discover how a smart meter can help you stay on top of your energy bills.

“Everyone wants to know where they stand in terms of you know how they can budget, how much they can spend towards shopping, how much they can spend towards other things. So having a smart meter is the place that you want to be. Hi, my name is Maaz, and I work as a billing analyst within Shell Energy. So we calculate bills depending on the meter readings that have been provided. So whenever you turn the TV on, when you put the kettle on, the meter ticks. Smart meter means that we can provide accurate bills to customers, we can make sure that the direct debit reassessments that we have to do at least once every three months is 100% accurate also.”

Download "The benefits of a smart meter with Maaz" video transcript here.

Get greater control with a smart meter and Direct Debit

With the cost of energy having changed so much over the past year, it can feel like a challenge to get a handle on energy bills. But having a smart meter installed and paying for your energy by Direct Debit will give you greater clarity over what you’re using, and how you’re paying for it.

How they work together

A Direct Debit spreads your bill’s winter highs and summer lows into even, monthly payments. We check these payments every three to six months to make sure you’re not paying too much, or too little, over the year.

To do this, we need the most detailed and up-to-date information about your energy use. The best way to get this information to us is with a smart meter. It sends us accurate readings automatically - exactly what we need to check your Direct Debit payment amounts are on track.

As Maaz says in his video, it’s how he can be sure he’s paying what he needs to pay - nothing more and nothing less. Learn more about the benefits of Direct Debit.

Get energy savvy with an IHD

Not only that, but smart meters come with an IHD (in-home display), which shows you the exact amount of energy you’re using and what it’s costing you. So you’ll always know how much energy you’re using and how much you’re spending.

It does this almost in real time, so you can make smart choices about where you use energy. Just try switching on your appliances individually and you’ll see which ones use the most energy. What’s more, we can install a smart meter at no cost to you. Learn more about smart meters and book your installation.