Two years and counting – how we’ve supported carbon offsetting projects around the world

Two years and counting – how we’ve supported carbon offsetting projects around the world

By: Ryan Jay

25 Mar 2021

We launched Shell Energy back in March 2019 with the belief that home energy should matter for all. We think that everybody in Britain should have access to cleaner home energy, which is why every tariff we offer our customers comes with 100% renewable electricity as standard[1].

In the two years that have followed, we’ve also supported nature-based projects around the globe to offset 410,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. These nature-based projects protect and restore existing natural ecosystems, which absorb and store carbon dioxide. We support these projects as an additional commitment for every Shell Energy customer, every year - so you can feel proud that you’re supporting them too.

410,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions - that’s a lot to get your head around, and you’re probably wondering what that equates to. So we thought we’d help you out.

If you take the 410,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions that’s been offset, it’s equivalent to the carbon stored in 800,000 trees.

Now imagine lining up all those trees next to each other on the M1 motorway. They’d cover the distance all the way from London to Leeds[2].

So next time you’re driving along the M1, try and picture your journey being flanked by uninterrupted trees. It’s a lovely image, and one that might help you visualise the numbers.

Supporting projects around the world

We support nature-based projects around the world such as Cordillera Azul in Peru, and Katigan Mentaya in Indonesia. As well as helping to reduce CO2 emissions globally (which is good news for everyone, including us here in the UK) these projects also help to provide job opportunities for local communities and protect the regional ecosystems.

These offsetting projects are carefully checked to follow a strict set of international standards. The carbon credits produced by the projects are certified by independent auditors, meaning our customers can be assured that the carbon offsetting is credible and verified. You can check out the FAQ section of our carbon neutral page if you want to find out more about carbon credits.

We’re making it easy to go even further

We're really proud of these achievements since we launched. But we’re already going the extra mile for customers who want to make their home energy carbon neutral[3].

So what does that mean for you? Well, if you were to choose a Go Further tariff, we’d offset the carbon dioxide emissions from every part of your home energy that we provide, from its production right through to the emissions produced when you use it. That includes your gas and your renewable electricity.

The end result? You can put your feet up knowing that your home energy that we provide is carbon neutral from start to finish.

Interested in signing up for a Go Further tariff? You can find out more by visiting our carbon neutral page.

[1] Our renewable electricity is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), which means that all of the electricity you buy from us is matched with the equivalent number of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.
[2] Trees: Number of trees is based on a 'global average tree', of approximately 20cm diameter at breast height. The quantity of carbon stored in such a tree is estimated from peer-reviewed studies to estimate the global tree count (Crowther et al. 2015) and global carbon storage in tree vegetation (Erb et al. 2017): ~3 trillion trees and ~400 Gt of carbon. The actual quantity of carbon stored in a specific tree is dependent on species, soil, climate, maturity, and other factors, which are not fully captured here. 800,000 trees planted 40cm apart stretch 320 km, the distance from the Tower of London to Leeds via the M1.
[3] The CO2e lifecycle emissions of this product have been offset with verified Nature-Based Carbon Credits. CO2e (CO2 equivalent) refers to CO2, CH4, N2O.