Meet Elvin: Pioneering change in the UK energy market

Meet Elvin: Pioneering change in the UK energy market

By: Shell Energy

13 Nov 2020

Elvin Nagamootoo, Head of Product Management at Shell Energy, heads up the product team whose work involves understanding the energy demands of the future to enable us to offer cleaner energy solutions to customers across the UK.

Elvin says, “My role at Shell Energy is focused on products that help people reduce their carbon footprint. I think it's important we take a longer view in the way that we use and generate energy, and there are products out there that use renewable sources of energy

to reduce consumption and reliance on the grid. With solar panels and home battery storage, we have a great opportunity to take collective action.”

In July this year, we launched a Solar Storage tariff which empowers our customers to maximise the potential of their solar panels using a sonnenBatterie home battery. It also enables them to collect solar credits in summer to lower their energy bills by up to £150* in winter.

Our powerful solar panels, sonnenBatterie and Solar Storage tariff solution ensures that customers decrease their bills throughout the year, no matter the season, and also helps to stabilise the grid network and contribute to driving the UK’s clean energy transition.

Watch Elvin’s story below to learn about his ambition to help people to find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

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*With this tariff you are entitled to an electricity account credit (solar credits) of up to £150. This is based on deemed export of 1,000 kWh over the summer months of 2021 (June, July and August).