Less glitching, more gaming: how to get the most from your Wi-Fi

Less glitching, more gaming: how to get the most from your Wi-Fi

05 October 2022

In a study of UK gamers, 44% agreed that the most infuriating aspect of online gaming was 'the internet lagging'. That's because timing is everything in gaming. Imagine you’re engrossed in a Call of Duty battle or three-nil up on FIFA, and all of a sudden you lose connection.

One of the major causes of game lags - frustrating delays between your actions and the game server - is the sometimes unreliable nature of a Wi-Fi network. This guide will explore what you can do to defeat glitching, banish buffering, and get a solid, reliable Wi-Fi signal in your home.

What's the best broadband speed for gaming?

The optimum speed for an online gaming session is slightly dependant on the console you're playing, but as a general rule:

  • You'll need a minimum upload speed of 1Mbps and download speed of 3Mbps to connect online. The minimum might work for basic online gaming. But if you're looking for a gaming experience without hiccups, you'll want to aim for speeds of between 15Mbps to 25Mbps

One other factor to consider is the internet speed of your Wi-Fi connection. If your results are lacking, you might want to consider full fibre. With an average download speed of 311Mbps, it's the perfect solution for a seamless gaming experience.

How to improve your Wi-Fi signal

If your speed test shows that your Wi-Fi signal is lacking in certain areas of your house, the good news is there are a few things you can do to improve your internet.

  • Move your router: Walls, furniture, and other appliances can block Wi-Fi signal, so try to position your router at the centre of your home, away from blockers, and off the floor
  • Ethernet connection: Consoles perform much better over a wired connection. It reduces the interference from other devices, obstructions in your home and the distance between your router and the connected device.

For more information on setting up your internet for a great gaming experience, check out our guide to what broadband speed you need for gaming.

If you try the tips listed above and your gaming is still glitching, it's time to consider levelling up with a Wi-Fi extender.

What is Wi-Fi mesh?

In large houses, it's not unusual to experience Wi-Fi dead zones. This is because the signal isn't strong enough to cover the whole area or travel through thick walls.

How does Wi-Fi mesh work?

Wi-Fi mesh boosters and devices work with your existing wireless hub or router to boost signal to areas of your home that may otherwise be out of range.

The result is a stronger network, sharing the same name and password as your main hub or router for ease of use.

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