How we’re helping our broadband and phone customers

How we’re helping our broadband and phone customers

By: Shell Energy

10 Oct 2022

We know these are challenging times for our customers – here’s what we’re doing to help. We recognise that the cost of living crisis is affecting all our customers, whether they have their energy or their broadband from us. It’s vital that we do everything we can to help them stay connected.

Jeremy Woodrow, Director of Telecoms at Shell Energy Broadband, said “The wellbeing of our customers will always be our number one priority, and we are committed to helping them through the cost of living challenges they face. We have reaffirmed this commitment at the government-led summit with other telecoms providers, where as an industry we committed to do more to help customers through this challenging time.”

What are we doing to support our customers?

We’re committed to helping our customers by:

  • Ensuring they're always treated with empathy and respect, particularly when they are facing periods of financial hardship
  • Helping customers in difficulty to stay connected. This includes moving them to a cheaper package without charge, or setting up realistic payment plans
  • Taking care of vulnerable customers and prioritising their need to stay connected
  • Ensuring that customers who receive Universal Credit know about the low-cost products we offer
  • Continuing to develop new ways to help our broadband and phone customers. This includes exploring our range of tariffs, building on our low-cost offers, and making sure customers know about existing deals that could benefit them

What other help is available?

Sharing your situation

If you think you may qualify for additional help, the most important step you can take is to get in touch. Our friendly team can record any requirements for extra support. This could be a disability, a mental-health condition, or young children in your household.

Priority fault repair

You may be eligible for our free Priority Fault Repair service if you, or someone in your household, relies on a landline or broadband for health or mobility reasons. This lets us prioritise the people who need us most if they report a fault. Here’s how to apply.

Greater control of your phone line

You can easily set up blocks on your phone for a range of numbers, such as international, mobile or premium rate. Simply use these instructions and your PIN code.

Text relay

If you’re speech-impaired, deaf or have impaired hearing, our text relay service can help you get the most from your phone line.

To find out more about what help is available, visit our support hub.