How slow broadband could halve the market for your property

How slow broadband could halve the market for your property

By: Shell Energy

19 Jan 2022

Here’s a statistic for you. One in two people wouldn’t move to a property that has slow broadband.* Yikes.

In fact, 58% of potential buyers and renters across the UK class slow broadband as a deal breaker when surveying the market for their next home. But what’s slow? Well, one in ten households (9%) describe their broadband speeds as being ‘terrible’ or ‘below average. Those are the kind of speeds that can turn ‘streaming’ into ‘screaming’. 

But seriously, slow broadband? That’s not the end of the world, is it? When it comes to property buyers, just 12% wouldn’t be concerned at all by the prospect of slow broadband, while just one in five (23%) would proceed with the house move but see it as a big compromise. 

Our research is clear about one thing - when it comes to your property, it pays to have lightning-fast broadband. That’s why we’re excited to offer Full Fibre, an FTTP broadband package that offers speeds of up to 900Mbps - that’s 10x faster than the UK average.**

What’s FTTP?

Before FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises), even the fastest fibre broadband relied on green cabinets and slower copper cables to reach your front door. FTTP delivers the UK’s fastest broadband with a fibre optic line directly from your local exchange straight to your home. Put simply, it gives you faster, more reliable broadband that’s much less prone to slow down. To hear more about how FTTP delivers top-notch broadband directly to your home, read our FTTP explained blog. 

Jeremy Woodrow, Director of Telecoms at Shell Energy Broadband said: “There is no faster or more reliable form of broadband than Full Fibre, which connects super-fast broadband cables directly to users’ homes, rather than an exchange box on their street. For those who value speed and reliability, it marks the future of broadband.”

Ready for the future of broadband?

Full Fibre capability is currently being rolled out across the UK by Openreach, with 5.5 million homes and businesses already able to sign up. To see if your home is ready for the future of broadband, head over to our Full Fibre page and check availability today.

*Research for Shell Energy conducted by Opinium amongst 2,001 British adults between 25-27 May 2021. 

**Applies to our Full Fibre 900 Service using a comparison of 900Mb download speed with the UK residential fixed broadband average download speed of 80.2 Mbit/s (as measured by Ofcom in their UK Home Broadband Performance Report published 13 May 2021)