How can a smart meter save you money?

How can a smart meter save you money?

By: Alexandra Dunsford-White

29 Mar 2021

Unexpected bills can be the worst kind of surprise - especially when you’re on a budget. But what if your energy bills never caught you off-guard again? Enter the smart meter.

Smart meters let you know exactly how much you’re spending and when, putting you back in control of your energy usage. Tracking your spend will allow you to budget accordingly each month. Plus, they’ll ensure your bills are always accurate so you only pay for the energy you use. Here’s how.

How do smart meters work?

Smart meters are the next generation gas and electricity meters. Smart meters replace your old analogue meters, and are installed at no additional cost to you. They use mobile technology to produce automatic meter readings that reflect the exact energy you use, removing any uncertainty and surprise bills. And unlike analogue meters, smart meters send your gas and electricity readings directly to us, so you don’t have to.

You can choose to have your smart meter readings sent to us half hourly, daily or monthly, depending on your preference, and this can be adjusted through your online account. We recommend setting your readings to half hourly so you’ll get the full benefits of your usage graph and My Energy features. This can help you to save your energy, and therefore money too.

You can find out more about how smart meters work, and read all about the most common myths about smart meters. Don’t worry, we’ve debunked them all for you.

Can a smart meter help you save?

With a smart meter, not only can you save time faffing around with manual readings at the end of each month, but they can help with your monthly household budgeting too. They track your energy usage, from every kettle boiled to every phone charged. The In-Home Display (IHD) which you’ll receive with your smart meter, shows you in near real-time the amount of energy you use in pounds and pence. Find out how to read your smart meter with ease.

A better understanding of your energy use will help pave the way for you to identify ways to save money and reduce energy wastage in your home. Just think - you could save around £35 a year just by remembering to turn your appliances off standby mode, and another around £15 a year by switching off your lights.

You’ll be able to see exactly how much you’re spending, and when, so you can pinpoint where you’re using the most energy in your home, and how you can reduce it, if necessary. You’ll have more control over your home’s energy, and you’ll always know what’s around the corner before your bills arrive.

You’re only four steps away from avoiding unexpected bills for good. It’s really this simple.

  1. Your smart meter records your energy usage
  2. You can view your spend in real-time on your IHD
  3. Your meter readings are sent to us automatically
  4. You receive an accurate bill, no nasty surprises

What if I’m a prepayment customer?

Smart meters are available to all Shell Energy customers. With a smart prepayment meter, you can easily track your remaining credit via your IHD, which can be positioned anywhere in your home for easy access. A smart meter also means you can top up your gas and electricity whenever and however it suits you best - top up online, through the Shell Energy Top Up app, or at your nearest PayPoint outlet. You can top up from the comfort of your home, at any time. Learn more about your smart prepayment meter.

Book your smart meter installation

Don’t have a smart meter at home yet? We’ll install yours at no extra cost, in just an hour or two. If your gas and electricity is on supply with Shell Energy, all you need to do is head over to our smart meter page to book your installation. Electricity-only customers can call our smart meter installation partner SMS Plc on 0330 094 5231 to arrange your smart meter installation. And if you’re a prepayment customer, simply call us on 0330 094 5802 to book. You’ll find many of the answers to your smart meter questions in our FAQs section on our website.

As part of your smart meter upgrade, we’ll aim to install the next generation of smart meters (SMETS2) should your home and location be suitable. In most cases your smart meter(s) will continue to work should you change supplier, but we recommend checking with your new supplier just to be sure.