Extra support with Harry

Extra support with Harry

06 February 2023

Watch Harry’s story and learn about the support available for all our customers who need extra help.

“Extra support takes many forms and Shell Energy offers a huge array of that to every customer we have. It's a busy life as a single dad, so anything that can help me keep on top of my energy and my usage. Keeping an eye on my heating through my phone is a great help and a great way to support my lifestyle. Things to help you better understand your bill even in a braille format. People can come out and help read your meter or install a brand new smart meter. So if you feel there is some support that you need, specifically at your home, please do get in touch so we can understand how we can support you better.”

Need extra support? Just ask

Download "Extra support with Harry" video transcript here.

Are you someone who could use a little extra support? Many of our customers do. It’s why we’ve made sure there are lots of ways we can offer a helping hand. From reading meters to managing your account, It’s important to us that everyone has the same experience as a Shell Energy customer. So as Harry says in his video, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.

There are so many reasons our customers need extra help and we know everyone’s circumstances are different. You might need adjustments to read your bill or reach your meter, have young children at home or depend on an electricity supply for medical reasons. Or you may be worried about paying your energy or broadband bill. Whatever it is, big or small, we’ll do all we can to help.

Receive bills the best way for you

If you’re blind, visually impaired, or struggle to read the standard print, you may find it easier to access the information you need with an alternative format. We can send you bills and other letters in large print, braille, different coloured paper, or in a digital format - get in touch and let us know what you need.

Access smart energy tech

One of the reasons our customers choose smart meters with an IHD (in-home display), is how an IHD shows exactly how much energy a household is using - pretty much on the spot. So if you need a model with larger buttons, brighter displays, or text-to-speech tech, all you have to do is ask.

Nominate someone to help with your account

Do you struggle to manage your energy account? You can nominate someone - a carer or a family member for example - to receive a copy of your bills so they can help you with things. Here’s how to organise this.

Let’s talk it through

Sometimes it can be difficult to ask for help. But please do. Our dedicated team is here to listen to you, try to understand your needs, and find the solutions that work best for you. We can arrange repayment plans and arrange instalments for future bills.

Need more information?

If there’s something we haven't covered, or if you want to learn more about how your energy or broadband bill works, you can explore further help and support for your household.