Can a smart home save you money?

Can a smart home save you money?

By: Shell Energy

13 Oct 2020

Saving energy at home is important for a number of reasons - not only is it good for the planet, it’s good for your wallet too. Energy waste around the house can come in many forms, such as lights that are left on when you’re out, heating rooms you don’t need to, or those silent energy vampires that consume energy when plugged in but not in use.

When you’re not in control of how much energy you’re using, your monthly energy bills will bear the brunt. One way to make sure you’re on top of your energy savings at home is by using smart home devices. Using the right smart products in your home can help you better control your appliances, stay on top of your usage and save money.

Smart home set-up: cost and payoff

There are many smart home devices and appliances available on the market; from consoles that control your entire house, to lights, fridges, TVs, kettles and heating appliances that can work independently. And as technology improves, so will the capability of these nifty devices. What’s more, there are no restrictions, and any property can be smart, whether you live in a flat or a five bedroom house.

When setting up a smart home, you’ll want to weigh up the initial costs of the device with how much it can save you in the long run.

How does smart lighting save you money?

Smart lighting can help you become more energy efficient at home as you’ll be able to control your home lighting remotely via an app on your smartphone. So if you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights before leaving the house, or you’ve gone away on holiday, you can turn them off remotely. Smart lighting can also often be set up to run on timers, so you can set your lights to only come on once the sun has set and you can make the most of natural lighting throughout the day to help further reduce energy waste.

Lighting accounts for about 15% of a typical household’s electricity bill, so upgrading your lights by replacing them with energy efficient LED light bulbs can help reduce your monthly bills and could save you up to £40 a year. One LED bulb can save you around £180 over its lifetime, so when you add up the number of lights in your home, your total savings can be considerable. To help you choose the best bulbs for you, we’ve put together a handy guide on energy efficient lighting. You can also visit the Shell Energy Shop to explore smart lighting products.

How does a smart thermostat save on energy bills?

As the colder weather sets in, you’re probably thinking about turning on your heating. Opting for a smart thermostat, such as a Google Nest Learning thermostat, is a great way to have more control of your heating and how much you’re spending on keeping cosy at home. These smart devices are designed to learn your household’s heating and cooling patterns, and make it easier for you to adjust your heating, using your smartphone, and sometimes even with your voice, whether you’re home or away.

In a typical UK household, more than 50% of the money spent on energy bills goes towards providing heating and hot water. With a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to schedule your heating and hot water to go on and off when needed, as well as select areas of your home to heat and the required temperature for each room, rather than heating your whole house at the same temperature. This will not only save you money on your energy bills, but help reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Research shows that having smarter heating controls at home could save you around £60 and 310kg of carbon dioxide a year.

Can a smart meter help save me money?

A smart meter can help you control your individual energy usage and get more savvy about your consumption, and the national smart meter rollout is making the UK's energy system more efficient too.

By installing a smart meter in your home, you’ll benefit from automatic meter readings. Yes, you read that correctly: no more faffing around with sending us manual meter readings every month. You can wave goodbye to estimated bills, as the readings sent to us by your smart meter will reflect your exact usage, and you’ll enjoy more accurate billing because of it. What’s more, these smart devices come with an in-home display (IHD) that shows your energy usage and spend in pounds and pence, so you’ll be able to monitor your consumption in real-time, with ease. A better understanding of your energy use will pave the way for you to identify ways to save energy at home and save on bills in the long run.

Don’t have a smart meter at home yet? We’ll install yours at no extra cost, in just an hour or two. All you need to do is head over to our smart meter page to book your installation.

How to save energy at home

Looking for more ways to save energy at home? We’ve put together a list of resources, including advice from trusted partners to support you in managing your usage and bills, and a few quick and easy-to-follow energy saving tips you can implement at home. Visit our energy saving advice page.