Smart meters: A little change, a big difference

Smart meters: A little change, a big difference

By: Alexandra Dunsford-White

08 Jan 2021

Smart meters may be little, but a little change can make a huge difference.

They help you become more savvy with your energy usage at home, by:

  • Sending automatic meter readings
  • Ending estimated bills and avoiding bill shock
  • Showing you exactly how much you’re spending

These little devices, which come with an In-Home Display unit, don’t just benefit you, they also help to reduce wastage across the UK energy system, and make the system even smarter. Energy wastage is an ongoing problem that affects all of us. Our energy system is outdated and often leaves most of us in the dark with how much energy we consume.

In a nutshell: An outdated energy system = energy wastage = overproduction and carbon emissions.

Smart meters are transforming the UK’s energy system one home at a time. They give standard meters the update they need, with a slick, modern upgrade that lets you know your true usage. This helps both you, and the system to eliminate energy wastage.

Watch our video to learn about how you can become one of millions of homes in the UK enjoying the many benefits of smart meters, and help make the world even smarter.

Your smart future is just a few clicks away. Visit our smart meter page to book your installation online today. We’ll install yours at no extra cost, in just an hour or two. It’s that simple.